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Let's enjoy an Angolan dinner while exploring a bit of Expo Milano 2015! Who participates can win a pair of Milho Shoes sandals by Susana Traca, Angolan designer.

This Expo Milano 2015 project takes place in a particularly significant year for the themes of women's empowerment and development. Indeed, 2015 marks 20 years from the first Beijing Conference, still a fundamental reference point in the struggles for women's rights today, and the United Nations is launching new sustainable development objectives. This year's Beijing Conference was the fourth in a series of global conferences on women organized by the United Nations. It was inspired by the concept of empowerment, and promoted the need to empower and sustain women and broaden their horizons.

The Pinktrotters will be at the Expo as well, supporting women's empowerment and organizing international dinners in this unique location!

  • On 2nd September we will have dinner @ Angola Pavillon, discovering new tastes while discovering the origins of various dishes!
  • We will also explore Brasil, Oman, UAE and Mexico Pavilions - cutting the lines of course!

  • During our dinner we will draw lots to see who will be the 2 lucky Pinktrotters who'll win a pair of Susana Traça special edition shoes, launched precisely for the Expo! What else?! Hope you like it!

In fact, Susana Traça chooses Expo 2015 to present a preview of her new creation, Milho Step: model icon of the new Spring Summer 2016 collection, made of banana fiber, has been presented during the inauguration of the Angola Pavilion.
The stylist has two souls, the African, where her roots lie, and the Italian, homeland of her brand, and they come to life in this sandal, made of banana fiber, which is a typical African fruit, made by the expert hands of the best craftsmen in Veneto, key example of Made in Italy.
Milho Step is a preview of Susana Traça's next collection, which will be presented at the Milan Fashion Week in September 2015!

Did you know that...

Located at the start of the Decumano, the Angolan Pavilion is characterised by the stylised form of a baobab placed at the centre of the structure. The other aspect that merits a visit is the quantity of green areas cultivated with typical Angolan plants, vegetables and fruit. The theme is: " Food and Culture: Educate to Innovate ". Visitors will discover the origins of various dishes and the importance of the food chain as a whole, together with Angola's great resources in the agricultural, livestock and fishing fields. There is a particular focus on the gastronomic traditions of the 18 provinces of the Country.

Please CONFIRM your presence by booking your ticket below + sending an EMAIL to, object: "African Dinner @ Expo" within 29th August indicating your shoes number (after paying for the ticket).

Let's recap, what's included in the price?
  • Expo Evening ticket
  • Mini Tour of the Expo (we don't want you to be worn out at the end of the night!)
  • Angolan Dinner
  • Chance to win a pair of Susana Traça - special edition - shoes for 2 of you!

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Expo Milano 2015, Via Carlo Pisacane, Pero, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy


2nd September 2015



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