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Transform Your Life with Style


Desire to express more of your potential as a woman?

Join this interactive and fun workshop to learn how to make style part of your personal growth journey and experience fun and ease along the way. Added bonus: you will refine and upgrade your personal style.

Are you a woman interested in expressing who she is today through her personal style rather than impressing others and trying to fit in?

Are you committed to living life on your own terms even though it is not easy at times?

And do you desire to make this journey easier and more joyful for yourself?

If this is you, I would like to truly acknowledge you.

I know committing to yourself and living life on your own terms requires courage, determination and self-belief. Being this woman is not always easy!

What if there was an easier and lighter approach?

How Your Style Can Bring More Growth, Fun and Ease into Your Life Workshop is designed for a woman like you. In this interactive and fun workshop, I will share with you what I have learned about bringing more ease, beauty and joy into personal growth and teach you simple and effective ways to prioritise yourself and increase your self-worth, using style as a tool.

And there is an added bonus: you will experience more clarity and confidence in your personal style.

My name is Natalia Shpek and I am a beauty, style and lifestyle consultant and coach. Through my passion for style and beautiful living, I have discovered there is a strong connection between what we allow in our self-care, personal style and lifestyle and the amount of confidence and growth we experience in life.

I would love to share these discoveries with you!

Join me for this 3 hour workshop in London 26th October to learn:

- how beauty and style can not only bring joy and ease into your life, but also enhance your personal growth and

- how prioritising your self-care, personal style and lifestyle can support the internal shifts you are seeking to be able to create the life you desire for yourself.

This event is for you, if:

- You are committed to your personal growth AND you are ready to have more fun in the process,

- You are ready to let life be easier,

- You desire more beauty, elegance and pleasure in your life,

- You are ready to upgrade your personal style so that who you are on the inside is reflected on the outside.

Join me at a stylish new tea bar in Islington to talk style, personal growth and sample delicious tea in a beautiful setting.

In this workshop you will:

- Learn how to make stepping outside your comfort zone easier,

- Discover a fun way to increase self-trust when it comes to making decisions,

- Get inspired to bring more harmony and organisation into your wardrobe and life and,

- Find out how to increase your self-worth with style and joy.

Introduction price for this workshop is only £30, for a limited time.

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This is what women who attended the previous workshop said about it:

"If you need that extra boost to make a change in your wardrobe and life, attend this workshop for great motivation." - Bianca

"It was great to receive an awareness about what I need to change in my life adn chat with other ladies." - Diana

"Suspend judgment: you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much you'll get, how good you'll feel and great company!" - Marlene

Having connected and talked to many women around the world in recent years, I have noticed one thing: as women, we are committed to "working" on ourselves, on improving ourselves, transforming those habits and qualities, which we know no longer serve us. We are on a very powerful journey together.

What if living your beautiful life on your own terms did not have to be "hard work"?

Imagine having more joy, pleasure and confidence in life.

Imagine accepting and valuing yourself just as you are.

Imagine trusting yourself to make the right decision.

Imagine feeling and looking magnetic, stylish, elegant every day.

All this is possible. I look forward to sharing my insights and lessons with you at this fun, content-packed, interactive workshop.

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Upper Street, London, United Kingdom


26 October 2015



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