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One Day Style Transformation Event


It is time to see, accept and express All of Who You Are. Become magnetic. Shine your unique light. As women we hide parts of ourselves, only presenting carefully curated personas to the world in the fear of not being liked. It is tiring! We are influenced by the media to have a very one-dimensional view of ourselves, often based on our roles, and our style. We are put in boxes, in which expansive multidimensional woman can't fit. We get so used to being one-dimensional and compartmentalised that we forget who we really are. That’s when we lose our power, our unique sparkle, our confidence plummets, our boundaries get weak. Forget about dressing to impress others. It's all about you, expressing you through your style and being yourself unapologetically.

As a style transformation coach and personal brand consultant, I enjoy creating intimate live gatherings for incredible women in beautiful, elegant, high-vibrational environments to talk about what it means to thrive as a woman in the modern world.

I am delighted to invite you to my new one-day event in central London this spring, where you will get to see all of you, reclaim and integrate the parts of you that are hidden, reconnect with your power and fall in love with who you are.

Here is a taste of what you will experience on the day.

  • In an elegant setting in central London, we will dive deep into a powerful process that will help you to arrive at an new level of self-love and self-acceptance, effortlessly raise confidence and bring clarity about who you are and what you want in life.
  • I will share with you one of my favourite creative exercises I've designed for myself. It will be deep but it will be fun and playful too.
  • We will have delicious lunch prepared for us, while discussing and sharing our insights from the morning process.
  • We will then deepen the process in the afternoon with another exercise.
  • We will finish with integration, where each participant will have a 10-15 minute spotlight to share their questions and receive personalised feedback and advice from me about how to integrate all of what you discover about yourself during the day into your daily life.
  • Expect fun exercises that take you deep within, insights about who you are and what makes you powerful and beautiful, support and inspiration from likeminded women, practical style and beauty advice from me, specific ideas about how to show up as all of you to implement after.
It is my intention that every woman leaves this event...

  • feeling a deep level of self-love and self-acceptance of all of who you are, your pretty parts, your darker side, your messy parts, all of it,
  • having the confidence to show up authentically and being less concerned with impressing others,
  • knowing what helps you to feel good and look good in all areas of your life,
  • trusting yourself more,
  • feeling inspired, open, powerful,
  • feeling free to be yourself.
This workshop is not about getting your spring trends right or knowing how to "dress to impress".

It is about bringing to light parts of you that are hidden, parts that you know well, parts you like, parts you don't like so much and parts you didn't know you had to create a powerful, authentic, magnetic image of you and translating it into your external expression (i.e. your style).

Your style, when it comes from the deep, holistic, authentic place within, is so much more than the clothes you put on. It's your behaviour, your attitude, your personal boundaries, your communication.

This event is for you if...

  • You are tired of compartmentalising yourself according to different life situations (showing one side of yourself at work, another one with friends and altogether different one with your partner),
  • You no longer wish to run away from your "dark side" (by this I mean part of yourself you dislike) and, instead, own all of yourself,
  • You don't like to be put in a box so that others can "label" you and "get" you,
  • You are ready to reclaim your power, own your beauty, confidently embody your boundaries, say yes to your desires.
If youth is is you, then I invite you to join me at this elegant one day event on 19th March.

It's time to experience what is really possible for you in life.

It's time to give yourself a new level of permission t be the woman you were born to be.

It's time to shine and be a magnet for your desires. And the easiest and most effective way I know to do that is to align who you are on the inside with how you show up externally.
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Almeida, Almeida Street, London, United Kingdom


2nd April 2016 from 12 to 5 pm



What's included

  • One day workshop
  • Materials
  • Refreshments
  • Lunch (2 courses)

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