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Yoga and Meditation Masterclass and workshop


Each your body and minds full potential. Be happier, healthier and the best version of you

The healthy body and healthy mind workshop is a revitalising take on health and wellbeing, designed to take care of all aspects of you from body to mind.

A few years ago physiotherapist Louise came to a turning point in her life. She lived a busy city life and was overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, chronic pain and a seeking more meaning to her life. She began a journey exploring eastern worlds and their ancient spiritual traditions. Studying yoga, meditation and the world of wellbeing. Now Louise has turned her life around with new health, happiness, freedom and full of purpose.

Whatever your story, Louise's goal is the same; to guide you to reach your body and minds full potential. Be happier, healthier and the best version of you.

Workshop part one

Keep your body feeling at its best. You will learn the important balance of strength and flexibility; understanding pain and how to help avoid injury; and how to engage your core muscles.

Workshop part two

With your body feeling like a temple, lets not forget about your mind. Learn how to apply principles of eastern traditions to your everyday modern life.

Learn how to focus and calm your mind with meditation techniques; and respect your time, embrace the present moment and prioritise your happiness with mindfulness activities.

Workshop part three

Explore your body and mind with a 60 minute playful flow yoga class and a 15 minute guided meditation. The class will be suitable to all levels and will have you feeling relaxed, but energised, and inspired to take on the world.

Saturday 25th March 2017, 12:30 – 15:00

Where: The Yoga and Pilates place, Kinning Park, Glasgow

Price: £25 (including healthy snacks and refreshments)

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Glasgow, United Kingdom





What's included

Workshop, yoga class, meditation, healthy snacks and refreshments

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