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Holland is a country Pinktrotters team consider as a second home, for different reasons, discover why and their favourite places!

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Holland is a country both Yara and Eliana consider as real a second home, for different reasons.

Yara goes to Amsterdam on a regularly basis as her heart belongs to a Dutch gentleman. So they both travel to Holland on a regular basis to visit friends and family.

Eliana has lived in Amsterdam for a couple of years and maintained a lot of truly deep friendly connections. It is a big pleasure for both of them being back whenever possible! Recently their travelling reason was attending the Queen's Day.

The Queen's Day or Koninginnedag (not even dare trying to pronounce it!) is a national holiday in the Netherlands. On this day, the Dutches celebrates unity and national fraternity. The festival has its origins in the celebration of the birthday of Queen Juliana, mother of Queen Beatrix. Although the birthday of Queen Beatrix is on January 31, the festival only takes place on April 30.

2013 was a very special celebration: Queen Beatrix gave her crown to her son Willam Alexander, the New KING! The whole town was having fun in a very relaxed atmosphere! The color everybody usually wears during this day and that symbolizes The Netherlanda is the official color of the Royal Family: orange.

The whole city is on party mood, especially areas like Prinsengracht, Rembrandtsplein, Leidseplein, Damrak, Leidsestraat, Rokin and Spui. Nevertheless, the party starts the night before. Most clubs organize commemorative celebrations. Some of the best parties are outdoors with free entry. This is certainly "THE NIGHT" to feel Amsterdam city vibes!

We where at bar Thjissen in the old Jordaan and it was almost impossible to take our picture! Everyone was in such a good mood and the crowd around us was energizing! Queen's Night in the streets fill up with people to hear DJ's playing. Walking along the canals is always a good starting point for a clubbing night out! We went from bar to bar.

The evening was full of surprises!
The early afternoon was dedicated to exploring the city center, walking. In particular, the 9 Streets can really delight you with a lot of live performers, good street food and second hand clothes stands. A lot of people improvize themselves second hand sellers just for a day in order to contribute to the casual and happy spirit of the day! In the afternoon a boat trip sail along the canals and fill in the atmosphere with loud music and dancing orange crews on them.

The best thing of being on one of these boats is that you really have an unusual perspective of the city and of the Queen's day party, from the water! There are so many boats so close to each others that it's very common to end up jumping from one boat to another, meet new Dutch open friends and drink together! Within our personal Amsterdam guide we would always recommend:

The Seafood Bar - great to close your shopping morning at Hooftstraat (where all the designer shops are)
Very easy going place, informal ambience, one can get Oysters and champagne for a reasonable price. The all seafood plate is also a great option.

Bussia - fine Italian food, very friendly staff, always choose the chef daily menu recommendation, close your meal with a sgroppino...most probably the best Italian restaurant in town

A la Plancha - we recommend if you miss some Latin blood. Delicious and authentic home made Spanish tapas. A radio plays Spanish music, you seat at the counter, drink red wine and if you are lucky and wait until late you can get the owners playing Spanish guitar

Red: only steak or lobster choice of the best quality in a Parisian atmosphere combined with perfect service (not so easy to find in Amsterdam)

Supper Club Boat: you will eat shoeless on confortable white couches entertained by a dancing show...and once the dinner is over, it's your turn to dance on the pillows and live your special night while the boat sails around the city harbour.

Envy-Vyne-Nevel: same owner, same letters for the restaurant names (old name of Nevel was Nevy), 3 different concepts, all of them great! Up to you to find out the differences.

Cocktail places:
The Butcher: shhhh the cocktail bar is in a secret place! Write to us and we'll tell you how to get in! A new secret spot for cocktails we recommend reading this article from the Telegraph.

Bo5: Newyorkese ambience where you can try the variety of cocktails together with selected finger food like the typical Dutch bitterballen (little fried meatballs - forget about the calories!!)

Vesper: simply number one cocktails, no rivalry in the city!

Who's ready for the next Amsterdam Queen's day? Ladies let's gooooo !!!

Credit Pictures: Pinktrotters Team

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