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Barcelona is a must-see when visiting Spain! It's known to be a touristic place with an infinity of things to do. It has everything, or at least everything a traveling woman can think of: cool spots to eat and chill and of course do some shopping!

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My name is Roksana and as Barcelona's Local Ambassador I can proudly reveal the pillars of the stylish side of Barcelona and enhance your experience sharing with you the best spots this city can offer!

Best Hotels in Barcelona

I would like to start with this recently renovated hotel, in the heart of Paseo de Gracia, on the other side of the big Diagonal Avenue.
Casa Gracia inspires a cool, innovating but at the same time cozy ambient, with incredible views for you to enjoy the surroundings.

Next on our list is the Alma Hotel, located in a strategical position, also in Paseo de Gracia, offers you a more of a hidden place to relax and luxuriate with an excellent treat and service, together with an incredible backyard bar and a terrace on the rooftop.

Hotel Omm, a futuristic-avant garde kind of place, next to Diagonal Avenue, the elitist part of Barcelona, is sylish place where to be marvelled about the contemporary interior decorations and architecture. It offers a unique experience, mostly for architecture and design lovers.

The Hotel H10 Casanovas is situated in the heart of l'Eixample, a big transitated area just five minutes from Catalonia Square, a geographical reference point. What we like the most about it is the minimalistic rooms and the elegant and sophisticated finish. Moreover, it has a rooftop swimming pool to hop in during sunny days. Pure peace and calm.

And last but not least, probably the most famous hotel in Barcelona is the W Hotel, the futuristic inspired hotel, it has everything you need, from own bar to disco and spa. It is situated almost at the end of the Barceloneta's boardwalk, so it causes the impression of being in the middle of the sea. The views from the rooms are breathtaking, having from one side a view of the entire Barcelona, and from the other one the sea.

Best restaurants in Barcelona

Let's proceed talking with the best places where to eat, because after having a good sleep, what else do we need?

I'd like to start with El Japonés, a Japanese restaurant in the heart of Eixample, by the famous Grupo Tragaluz. It is nearly an open-space where we are able to see the kitchen, and with shared tables to inspire socialization.

Gallito is a restaurant near the beach, next to the W Hotel, where we enjoy the open-air space with views to the sea. Having lunch with the sun shining, at the beach with sea breeze whispering in the hair, what else can we dream of? Strongly recommended!

Bimba's is more of a classical restaurant, it has luxurious interior decoration that offers a cool outside area to have a cocktail and then the inside area, all kind of wrapped in leather with a touch of this classical details as the lamps or the paintings. It is a trattoria so for an informal but at the same time elegant meal, this is always an ideal place to go.

El Nacional it is running since 1899. It is a traditional restaurant which offers four different spaces, one for each type of food: meat, fish, rice plates and finally tapas, all of them sharing the same idea: to serve the best Iberic meal prepared with excellent products, but at the same time reflecting Barcelona's society and culture. It is definitely a place to visit, if not for having lunch, only to see it and enjoy the spectacular space.

Els 4 Gats is a Parisian inspired local restaurant, offering a combination of vintage decor and good food. The owner founded it taking inspiration from a Parisian restaurant he worked for in his early years (the famous Le Chat Noir). He wanted it to be a place with affordable but delicious food and piano music. This is definitely a place for ladies with an artistic soul!

Best shopping streets and spots

After having a delicious meal it's time to do some shopping, and you can't find a better place than Barcelona! The truth is that moving within the central part of Barcelona you can find nearly all brands, from the most exclusives one to local designers' ateliers!

The city has several commercial zones like Paseo de Gracia, previously mentioned, with luxury shops as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Max Mara or Valentino. Definitely a worthy place to step by and contemplate the views, and why not have a little shopping.

Next to Paseo de Gracia we can find Rambla de Catalunya, a gorgeous urban promenade full of local designers' shops like Tcn Toton Comella, Ese o Ese or Salvador Bachiller. The last one is a Spanish designer of leather bags, backpacks and suitcases that just has to be checked out to appreciate its art.

When in Barcelona el Corte Inglés is a must: it is a huge shopping mall with all kind of items to buy, from fancy bags and multi-brand luxury clothes to souvenirs, there are several in all the city, in the best commercial zones as Diagonal or Catalonia Square.

Best cafès in Barcelona

After shopping the best things is to chill in a cute café while having an afternoon break!

La Terrassa de l'Aiguajoc is a cool place to have a coffee or brunch, because of its competitive prices and the location, it is pretty central and near the commercial places. It inspires a cool,relaxing place, with coaches and armchair for you to have a break from the stress or to relief the tiredness that shopping caused.

Granja Petitbo is a little, more of a rustic place to have a coffee break and enjoy Barcelona's typical café. It has a very natural and ethnic mood with lovely brunches, cakes and loads of other delicious meals to taste.

Lilipep is more of a hidden treasure: small and located in Via Laietana, in one of the small streets that can only be found by the locals and the curious ones. The ambience is visually rich, plenty of lights and paintings, posters and book-shelves, yes, pretty unique, a must when looking for an evening snack.

Finally, Lizarran is very famous all over Spain because of its local tapas and relaxed ambience, perfect to have a good beer or a coffee. It is situated in the central part of the city. The strong plates are the brochettes and salty tapas, a different way of having a snack. I recommend a tapa, a brochette and a 'quinto': a small beer, heaven on Earth!

Best cocktail bars and clubs

To end the day in the best way possible, let's have a cocktail in a cool and stylish bar!

Mamarosa is situated just next to the beach that as you can imagine offers incredible views and a luxurious experience. The perfect place to start softly the evening!

Shôko is a Japanese inspired disco, with a fancy restaurant and cocktail zone, to either chill and have a Margarita in the VIP Zone, or dance all night long. Your choice!

Since we're already talking about discos, I want to talk you about the fanciest and luxurious disco in all Barcelona: Eclipse in the W Hotel.
Situated in the rooftop of the hotel, offers diversion, music, drinks and the best views you will be able to see of Barcelona (or probably in your entire life) and obviously, by night!
No words to describe the breathtaking sensation of having Barcelona under your feet, you just have to see it yourself!

The Bestial Beach Club, next to the W Hotel –no, I'm not obsessed, it is just the fanciest and most perfect area to have a drink by the beach- is an open-area space, to have a cocktail, enjoy the music and meet interesting people, all this with the night sea breeze in your hair. What else do you need?

I hope you enjoyed this little guide and do not hesitate to contact me when in Barcelona! We can have fun or chill in some awesome places!

Roksana Rajtmajer
Barcelona Fashion Ambassador
[email protected]

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