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Looking to spend a few days in Morroco? PinkTrotter Paola dishes it out and gives you the where's how's and when's to her visit to Marrakesh!

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Take 9 friends, 4 Italians, 4 Spanish and 1 Spanish Italian mixed, put them on a flight to Marrakesh and then, after your headache has passed (because you've been screaming in excitement), you will have a perfect and totally pink weekend.

In Marrakesh there's everything you need for a few days of relaxation: a hammam, to take off from yours travel effort, food, shopping, night life and culture.

Not necessarily in that order, clearly.
The first good point of this travel, are the flight schedule: it's good to leave from Milan at 6 am (arriving at the airport at 4 AM will make you hate that idea, but having an entire day after landing is worth it).
In this way you can have 3 entire days, that are enough for a first trip in Marrakesh, to visit a good part of the cities attractions and enjoy it!

What did we do in Marrakesh? We basically did it all.

First of all, we stayed in a super amazing rihad. This typical Moroccan studios are charming, but ours was really special.
An excellent location is the Medina (the old city's part): easy to arrive at from main points, beautiful and magical like in the movies: the ambra and flowers perfume, the tank with petals in the doorway, the living room with the furniture that seems you are in an "Out of Africa" scene.

Our accommodation had 5 rooms, with a total amount of 11 beds. It was absolutely lovely and in total Moroccan style.

There was also a wonderful terrace where we were received with the typical mint tea- which was just delightful- every morning Kabira, our personal chef (who quickly became a friend) served us a delicious breakfast: bread, every kind of jam, home made honey, milk, coffee and lots of typical and hand made sweets.

Marrakesh is not easy to visit: at the first sight the streets look like are all the same- making it easy to get lost- also the Souk are all alike. The streets were also congested with traffic.

But when you understand how to move (and that took us all day!),getting around became super easy.
In case of an emergency, don't hesitate to ask one of the locals- they were all very kind!
(Especially when they try to sell you their entire shop!).
And obviously when visiting Marrakesh, you should plan to shop til you drop! Consider bringing an extra suitcase when you go- to pack all your shopping booty of course!
(We obviously did).
Maybe don't try to put in the sofa as we did, but for everything all it could be really helpful.

Then, when you will be able to avoid every single market, you can start visiting the city.

The 1st day we went to the Ali Ben Youssef Medersa, the cornice school: a so quiet place that you forget for a moment the traffic jam of the city.

We had lunch on the terrace of the Maison de la Photographie, after take a look at over 150 pictures from 20's to today. An indescribable view completed a really good lunch with Chicken Tajin and vegetable cous cous.
And of course also the mint tea.

Knocked down from that first pains, we recovered forces with the hammam: we went at Isis (yes, only we could choose a place with this name in this period!) I highly recommend it. Easy to arrive from Djemaa El-Fna square (the central and principal one), super treatment, from the black soap scrub to the clay one, passing by a 30 minutes massage that should soften also Iron Man.

A place where you risk to forget the city delirium.

We dedicated the 2nd day to visit the Saadi Tombs, we lost our selves for three hours in a local drugstore where they showed us how to produce Argan oil, story told all the benefits of spices and flowers, made a massage with their aromatic oil, and, of course, offered us a wonderful mint and spice tea.

We also visited Palais de la Bahia, that enchanted us with mosaics and inlay worked ceiling.

We spent our last day visiting one of most wonderful place I've ever seen: Jardin Majorelle. This is a special garden created by Jaques Majorelle in 1924, and bought by Yves Saint Laurent in 1964 and given to the city in appreciation for adopting him.

The garden was a peaceful oasis with thousands kinds of plants and cactus, the art deco lemon yellow, cobalt blue and aquamarine where it's not possible not have a guinness number of selfie!

One thing that you cannot miss is the change of Djemaa El-Fna Square from day to night: intersection place during the day, a carpet of stands, lights, sounds and perfumes by night: best enjoyed while eating local dishes. Go the extra mile and admire it from the Cafè Paris' terrace.

What can I recommend on this city? Lose yourselves.

Don't be afraid of anything, the culture is different but hospitality is something rare.

Lose yourselves in the Souks, enjoy the sites that seem less reliable cause will be the ones that will give you best atmospheres.

Breathe the culture, smell all the perfumes, take back with you the colors. Learn to negotiate, and haggle ;)

And be careful, don't trade your friends for camels! (Only because they can't board airplanes!)

Unfortunately three days aren't enough to see both the new and the old city, but are surely enough to fall in love with Marrakesh, and feel like going back soon.

Ps. Places to be for good lunches and dinners:

- Le Jardin: plants, soft light, good food but a little lower compared to the expectation. We had dinner in the terrace, very cool location. Is one of a chic place of the Medina, modern and with a very special atmosphere.

- Chez Aziz: near by Djemaa El-Fna Square (Derb Dabachi), is one of that places I was talking about before: from the outsides it could scare you, but when you arrive on the terrace the view will leave you speechless. The food is very tasty, I recommend the typical dishes: tajin, cous cous, Briouats and many others with meats and vegetables for every kind, fishes included.

Marrakesh was absolutely lovely and we recommend that you add this city to your bucket list!

Written by one of our Pinktrotter Paola Trapasso

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