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San Sebastián Travel Guide

Just 20 Km from the French border, San Sebastián is a beautiful elegant city in the Basque Country in Spain. If you haven’t heard about this place before, here you are some interesting issues that would make you look forward to go! - San Sebastián has been Europe Capital of Culture in 2016! - Its main beach “La Playa de la Concha” has been nominated "best beach of Europe" for 2017! - Its old part, the “Parte Vieja”, has the world’s major concentration of bars per square meter! - San Sebastián is the second city in the world with the highest number of Michelin stars! If you have just fallen in love with this city, keep reading!

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Hotel Maria Cristina

A luxury hotel in the city centre with an elegant atmosphere, a great restaurant and a Basque Cooking School called "San Sebastian Food". Experience a cooking class and start your holiday in a classy and stylish way!

Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra

Without doubt the hotel with the best view in town! Just in front of Playa de La Concha you would have the main beach and a great sunset right into your room! A charming cafeteria and a luxury fashion market on the ground floor make this hotel a unique spot in the city!

Top Attractions

Parte Vieja

The Old Par of the town is a concentration of old Basque buildings, bars and hand crafts shops. Start your discovery tour from the green Plaza Gipuzkoa and then get lost into the narrow streets until Plaza de la Constitución which has a typical Spanish allure! Then follow "Calle 31 de Agosto" which, with "Calle Fermín Calbetón", is the most famous street for bars and nightlife and arrive at the church "Basílica de nuestra Señora del Coro" which definitely is worth a visit! Keep going throw Calle del Puerto and visit the old port pier!

Plaza de la Constitución


Monte Urgull and Paseo Nuevo

Monte Urgull is a little mountain just above the Parte Vieja and, with a little easy trek, you can reach the top of the hill where there is an ancient fortress and a big Christ Statue which reminds a lot to the Rio de Janeiro's one!

(note: did you know that the original name of Rio de Janeiro was "São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro"?)

Enjoy the beautiful view of the city, the bay and the ocean and then climb down to the Paseo Nuevo, a seaside street where waves watching is the most common activity in rainy days!

Monte Urgull

Waves in Paseo Nuevo

Playa de la Concha & Centro

The urban beach of the city is the very heart of San Sebastián, always full of people that usually meet on sunny days, have a bath of just walk or run along its amazing seaside street!

Playa de la Concha

Just behind the beach there is the Centro neighbour that is the main shopping area of the city!


Gros & Pintxos Pote

Gros is the neighbour of students, surf schools, radical chic bars and cafés and definitely the coolest, up to date and young part of the city! Every thursday the "Pintxo Pote" ritual takes place! Pintxos are the typical San Sebastián's finger food and every thursday hundreds of people go from bar to bar to taste their pintxos specialities!

The Zurriola beach is in this neighbour as well and it is the one where surfers from all around the world meet to catch the best waves, while just few meters away the contemporary Kursaal building is the most important spot of cultural life in the city and where the famous "San Sebastián Film Festival" takes place every year in September!

Playa de la Zurriola


Monte Igueldo

For the most breath-taking sunset of the city, take the funicular up to Monte Igueldo, sit down in the park and enjoy the sun splashing into the sea!

Monte Igueldo

Restaurants Bars & Cafés

Pastelería Oiartzun

(Parte Vieja)

One of the best pastries of the city, it has a wide variety of local delicious desserts! During sunny days sit in the open-air area and enjoy the beautiful view over the gardens and the old Casino.

Cafè Loft


This little comfortable Café is a great example of the many young cool bars in Gros. It is ideal to take a rest, have a tea and a snack in the afternoon or work with your laptop too!



Just in from of the Zurriola beach, a modern urban café where you can enjoy every moment of the day from breakfast to lunch, from brunch to tea and dinner. Check also the little shop inside where to buy unique local fashion and design!


(Parte Vieja)

This place has become the San Sebastián elite meeting point mainly for its location in the very heart of the city, its handsome barmen and the best cocktails in town! Start your night out here and you won't regret!

La Fábrica

A red brick interior, a modern and classy look and a Delicious Basque cuisine, make this place a must when in town!


(Monte Iguelgo)

A classy elegant place where Basque cuisine become a life experience! The attention for the product origin, the amazing view and a perfect service will make your dinner an unforgettable moment.

-Moreover, if you want you can discover all the Michelin stars restaurant in the city here:

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