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Syros, a classy and sunny island in the Cyclades, surrounded by the Aegean Sea. Discover this Greek jewel, a real paradise for all the senses!

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Lost in Syros

Imagine that you are in your office. It is a Friday afternoon, the weather is unreasonably hot and you just can not stand being there anymore. Now you are in your way to Syros island and your journey is about to begin.


But what has this classy island to offer in a typical summer day?

10:00 pm time for breakfast


Thirsty and starved? Keen on having a good energetic breakfast? Jar is the answer. With a wide range of smoothies for all of us who want to keep to in shape during our summer holidays but also some sweets which are totally to dye for. Don't we deserve a small cheat once in a while? Well if you happen to be in Jar and in a cheating mood try its pancakes, totally deserve the extra gym hours.

13:00 pm time for a dive

Asteria beach

Strolling around the city and suddenly you find yourself in the sea. Your view has nothing to with palm trees or sandy beaches. It is the city and the sea nothing else nothing more.

Agathopes beach

If you find yourself in a search of something a bit elegant you can try to visit ONO, which is located in Agathopes beach. Your view now has to do with palm trees and comfortable lounge chairs and plates full of sushi, delicious sushi.

Delfini beach

Last but not least this beach is the ideal escape for you who want to lay down listen to the music and just stare at the hues of blue. Last time i counted five, will you beat me?

18:00 pm time for late lunch


Located in the most beautiful alley in Ermoupolis, with flowers just above your head. All the products are bio and lady owner is very helpful helping you to choose wine and the plate which is mostly suitable to your tastes.

Allou Yialou

To every foody who adores tasting its fresh fish during the sunset hours this restaurant is the answer.


21:00 time for cocktails


Located in the port is described as the best wine bar of the island. With a wide range of wine etiquettes and a sensual atmosphere is by far the best way to start a promising evening.


Cocktails, industrial design and very friendly staff. My friends were about to organise a surprise birthday party and i just i can not remember how many shots we got from the bar as a gift.


It is the place where college students dance till dome under the sounds of "Mama Mia" and grown ups remember their college years under the sounds of "Village People". A little bit of a disco a little bit of a bar and here is it the perfect combination for summer night to remember.

06:00 am time to go bye bye

Hotel Ploes

By far the best hotel in Ermoupolis classy and classic. When you get into the rooms you suddenly feel like a noble strolling around it's aristocratic residence.

Extra fashion tips

•Do not forget to visti the kois-optics boutique where you won't find only the famous wooden glasses but also you will have the opportunity to try all the new Zeus and Dion swimsuits whose i am maybe the biggest fan.

•Let's be honest you can not visit Greece and not leave with at least one pair of sandals. In Syros island you can find the Sandalya Sandals created by a french woman named Florance who fall in love with a Greek guy and decided to stay permanently. Romantic, isn't it?


This was my not so typical weekend in Syros, and the the last question is if i recommend Syros for the hashtag #summer2016…. definitely yes!


see you in Syros!

Ilektra Chatzopoulou

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