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We bring you to a magic wild island, part of Egadi, Sicily. Must place to go if you are looking for amazing crystal clear water, good food and a relaxing mood!

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is a perfect wild relaxing place you can explore for a long weekend.

We chose to fly from Milan with a flight landing on Thursday night in Trapani.

We had dinner at "Al Vicoletto" close to Trapani Port: not a fancy place but really divine food, especially the typical pasta called "busiate".

The day after we took the first boat to Favignana, looking forward to explore this wild island, just 50 minutes away from the main land.

Where to sleep in Favignana:

Luxury Apartments Le Ancore. Perfect spot, clean and new, in the heart of the city. You can even decide to cook at home in case you need, as each apartment has its own kitchen.

Recommended way how to move around the island:

scooters, not bikes!! If you really want to enjoy the whole island and see as many beaches as possible in a short time, without risking to die under the sun... this is the best thing to do, believe in us! ;-)

Where to have breakfast:

Pasticceria FC in the center of the city. Best sweet pastries with the typical ricotta + granitas!

Where to eat at night:

Our suggested restaurants / places where to eat for lunch or dinner are the following:

Places where to have aperitivo in the center of the city:

Best beaches

(very wild, you better buy a pare of plastic shoes to get into the water with no pain):
  • Cala Rossa
  • Cala Azzurra
  • Bue Marino
  • Cala Rotonda
  • Punta Sottile
  • Piscine Romane

Enjoy this very relaxing place where the water is incredibly crystal clear!
We love Favignana!

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