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Thanks to Luca Roda five lucky Pinktrotters had the chance to enjoy a special experience at Pitti Uomo 87, find out more!

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You all probably know what Pitti Immagine Uomo is.

For those who don't not it yet, twice a year, flocks of stylish men descent upon Florence, Italy, for Pitti Uomo, the defining menswear trade show. The 59,000 square meters of exhibition space are filled with everything from suiting to street wear, this is definitely a buyer's heaven for all things related to men's fashion.

This year we had the amazing chance to offer a special and VIP experience to 5 of our Pinktrotters, all dressed up thanks to Luca Roda.
Luca Roda has designed a new style. He has released the tie from the limitations of traditional male elegance and launched unique accessories, converting them with a sophistication that always takes advantage of the single detail, making it the centre of attention.

In fact, our beautiful Pinktrotters have been wandering around Fortezza da Basso for more than three days always wearing custom-made suits, thanks to Roda. The five outfits were extremely stylish and Roda was able, through the customization, to demonstrate that women can wear what they want, especially those clothes that will make their personalities come out, as demonstrated at Pitti last week. Men's fashion, on the other hand, has evolved in such a way that men have more freedom in terms of choosing the clothes they want to wear and they also ask women for an advice.

We have plenty of awesome street shots to remember it by.

At the end of this fabulous experience we asked our Ambassadors to sketch their experience at Pitti Uomo 87 out:

"First of all I would address a huge thank you to Pinktrotters for giving me the chance to be a Pinktrotters Ambassador at Pitti Immagine Uomo." - says Francesca Bastiani - "It was an unique adventure! Having Roda outfits at our disposal and being able to experience an important glam event like this was absolutely amazing. I definitely recommend this experience to everyone, don't miss it next year! "

Federica Santini, blogger, affirms that "Pinktrotters crew was more than ready to bring out the beauty of men's wear. Four days, new friendships and a glam adventure to share and live altogether in the pursuit of fashion and much more. Intimacy between us was born. Our friendship was shaped. If you share a certain amount of curiosity and there's a whole world to discover at your disposal, enjoyment is guaranteed. "

"Well, what can I say about my experience as Pinktrotters Ambassador at Pitti Uomo 87?" - continues Martina Pavan - "Amazing days, I can still recall all the smiles, hugs and rendezvous between friends and bloggers! This special experience was absolutely unforgettable, Pitti cannot be defined as an ordinary fair.. It must be considered more like a meeting point for those who are able to hand over their own personality and through a simple smile or a small talk, a place where even the businesses themselves browse around to understand how to improve their brands. Pitti Uomo 87 was a journey within Fortezza da Basso for all the Pinktrotters, all dressed up by Roda. The custom-made suits were the reason why the general public was often curious towards us and kept on asking questions regarding the special outfits we were wearing!"

Also Cristel Isabel Marcon says that "Pitti was a unique and unforgettable experience, it allowed us to dive into the fashion world, getting to know new people and new friends who let us discover this beautiful city also during the night! We are going to spend many weekends altogether with these Pinktrotters in the near future!"

"Pinktrotters' initiative was extremely appreciated! Thanks to Luca Roda everything was perfect", affirms Sofia Scamardì, "it was an unique and exciting experience. Being able to enjoy this fair altogether with other like-minded women was great. See you again next year at Pitti ladies, always with the Pinktrotters Ambassadors! "

See you at the next Pinktrotters event ladies!

Stay tuned!

Photo Credits: LIFE Interaction

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