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Summer is around the corner so now is the time to plan and prepare for you adventure! Here are some tips to keep in mind this summer!

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With just a few more days before summer, it's that time of year where flights are booked, hotel rooms purchased, and itineraries are being planned. Because summer is an extended holiday, you probably have multiple excursions planned: exploring Greece, concerts in the park in New York City, and hiking to the Hollywood sign in California.

While this is a perfect season for adventure, it's important to stay in good health (both mental and physical!) Here are 5 tips for mental and physical fitness for summer that will maximize your fun!

1. Plan ahead:

So much easier said than done right? I'm the queen of agendas, So I believe in planning out my day to the tea. When travelling (especially solo travelling), before arriving at your destination, here are some things you should plan out:

How you are arriving—car, train, bus, by foot. If you are travelling via public transportation be sure and write out which buses you need and where to get them from. This will help you avoid dealing with the stressors of getting lost!

What you are doing when you arrive (duh!). Familiarize yourself with the area beforehand so you have an idea of what site to explore, or where you can get a good meal.

2. Stay hydrated:

I can't stress how crucial this is. Yes you are having the time of your life drinking Sangrias in Barcelona, and tanning on the Santa Barbara beaches, but in order for you to maintain energy for the duration of your trip, its important to stay fueled and properly hydrated. Bring along a light water bottle that you can refill periodically. Your adventures in addition to the summer heat will make you parched! Please don't let dehydration be the reason your trip is cut short! It's important that you're aware of your body and know when you're dehydrated: feeling light headed, unusually dry skin, weakness, and confusion.

3.Eat Well:

When travelling, some of us put eating on the back burner—after all, who has time for meals when swimming in the ocean, exploring museums back to back, or sneaking alongside a tour group for a free tour? If you know you'll be on the go, pack a lunch the morning of you journey! (You'll save money and time!).

4. Be safe!

This actually should have been number 1, but we didn't want to scare you right away. (Lol). Before you travel be familiar with your surroundings. Read literature about the city you're visiting. Learn cultural norms. Find out where your country's embassy is located. Keep your eyes peeled for predators or anything fishy. If you plan on solo travelling, make sure you're checking in with a friend or family member whom you trust.

5. Have fun!

Even if you spend your whole day getting lost, try and embrace the fact that you're in a completely new place enjoying a new experience. Even if this place is your local park, enjoy it! Make memories and make friends. Learn lessons, teach others. Go, grow, and take risks!

And while you're at it...

We would love to keep up with your travel! Participate in our Summer Project by recording and posting your excursion and using our #Pinktrotters hashtag (for a chance to win a grand prize)! Visit our Summer Project page for more info!

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