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Thanks to modern-day travel, globetrotting has never been so easy! So, to buy a ticket, pack up and go, is no big deal! Here's what our Pinktrotters team did while on a business trip to Paris.

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Thanks to modern-day travel, globetrotting has never been so easy! So, to buy a ticket, pack up and go, is no big deal! However, sometimes it's hard to find time to meet new people and garner the energy to engage with them-- especially if the reason for your globetrotting expeditions are for business!

Elisabetta & Eliana from Pinktrotters Team

The good new is, this is why the Pinktrotters network exists; for women like you - to give to give you the chance to meet with other women on the go, and always have coordinates and points of reference everywhere they are in the world.

Thanks to the connections made through Pinktrotters, the Pinktrotters Team was able to organize a lovely dinner with local Pinktrotters while on a business trip to Paris, France this past weekend.

We all dined together at Chez Julien, one of the chicest restaurants in Paris, located in the Marais historic district and under the shadow of the majestic Saint-Gervais Church, just few steps from the Seine. Can you imagine that? It was a fantastic dinner in a Belle Epoque atmosphere.

The group of 12 Pinktrotters comprised of ladies from the US, Germany, Italy and – of course - Paris.

We had a blast altogether and some of us already plan to catch up this week in Milan, while travelling for both business and pleasure.

We took also advantage to discover other must-to-go places in the city, respectively:
- ART: The Japanese Gardens & Le Grand Palais with the Velazques & Guerlain exhibitions
- SHOPPING: Le Bon Marché
- FOOD: La Brasserie Du Luvre + Le Marché des Enfants Rouges + Chez Casimir
- WELLNESS: The Spa of Saint James Hotel
- DRINKS: Les Jardins Du Pont Neuf

We also spent a lovely afternoon at VideDressing offices in Paris for their #videdressingblogevent, sipping smoothies and eating cupcakes from a local patisserie. The bloggers were selling their outfits directly to the public!

One of the main goals of Pinktrotters is to get women together, allowing them to expand their networks and become friends. Exactly what happened in Paris! We love to see our vision come to life while meeting like-minded women!

See you everywhere (in other big cities?) Pinktrotters!

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