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“Cèramica”: a weekend in Tuscany

A beautiful weekend in Tuscany discovering the art of ceramics. Cèramica: the International Ceramics Festival 2018 took place in Montelupo Fiorentino, a little cozy town near Florence. Could Pinktrotters miss such an event?

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Cèramica - a Weekend in Tuscany

We cannot be more enthusiast about last weekend in the Tuscan country side!
Montelupo is easily reachable by train from Florence and during the days of Cèramica becomes a forge of young artists who meet there in order to show their work , exchange ideas and find inspiration. The whole town comes to life and street performances of dance, music and ceramic take place. In every corner there is something to see and do!

One of the flagship events is the masters ceramic world championship which attracts artists from all over the world, giving an international twist to the event! We particularly appreciated the itinerant exhibition called "About a Vase" which was spread all over the town and offered different perspective of the vase that nowadays finds new meanings, breaking the barriers of vase meant as furniture and becomes sculpture!

Furthermore, the exhibition stays open until the 15th of July, so we strongly recommend going for a visit!

The town of Montelupo is clearly investing in art as a driver of the growth of tourism sector in the local territory. One incredible place is the atelier called "Spazio X Tempo" of Marco Bagnoli a contemporary artist who designed a modern space immerse in the Tuscan hills, with wide windows, a garden with fountains and wooden walls. The building is a perfect mix of interiors and exteriors, lights and shadows and presents a fascinating mix of building materials. A real must! Pinktrotters had the privilege to visit this amazing place guided by its creator and have a special aperitif at golden hour!

But art seems to be part of Montelupo's future as it is bound to its roots as well. This little town was in fact the place where all the Tuscan ceramics where produced during Medici dynasty. Ceramics' factories are spread all over this territory nowadays as well, so we visited the one called "Tuscany Art", where some craftsmen welcomed us and showed the long process of ceramic's making; it has been amazing seeing the row object becoming a coloured piece of art!

As seen, ceramic has been Montelupo core business for centuries and it's possible to learn more about this special art at the Museum of Ceramics opened all year long.

If you are looking for enchanting places where to have dinner as well, we strongly recommend "I Palmenti", the ancient water mill which in the XV century provided water to Florence and, once abandoned, today is a gourmet restaurant with a beautiful garden and a precious wine cellar where to taste delicious local Tuscan products.

Montelupo is also near and greatly connected with the town of Empoli which offers a pedestrian city centre plenty of boutiques, cafès and little craft shops. Right in the heart of the city there is the enchanting B&B where we had the pleasure of being hosted called "The Hall Suietes BnB". It is without doubt the cutest place to stay when in town, where design and fashion meet to create a magical atmosphere. We fell in love with this place right in the moment we stepped in, as every detail matches perfectly with the mood of the environment and pieces of art are spread in every corner!

Montelupo and its "Cèramica" festival, Empoli and the Tuscan hills are for sure a great place where to pass your weekend among relaxing atmospheres, tasty food and inspiring art!

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