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We spent few days in beautiful Cologne in Germany! Thanks to Hip Hotels we have also been gifted with a wonderful stay at Humboldt1 Hotel. Read about our experience!

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This Holiday season we had the pleasure to travel to Cologne, Germany. Famous for it's K├Âlner Dom the city is situated on both sides on the Rhine river.

The city has great museums. We only had time to visit the Museum Ludwig. Some parts of the Museum overlook the Rhine river. The collection consist of Modern art and has several exhibitions a year.

We had the pleasure of staying in the Humboldt1 hotel part of Hip-Hotels, one of our lifestyle partners. This great little hotel is owned and operated by Anja Schreiber.
After years of experience in the hospitality business she had the change to take over and set up shop in this lovely historic building in the middle of the town.
The rooms are all chic & glamorously decorated with specially designed furniture and a lot of shiny objects. Big beds and shiny bed lamps ensure a fun & homely stay. Below the hotel there is a bar, which serves perfect cocktails after a long and tiredly day. In the morning the breakfast is served there as well. What can we say about the breakfast; well AMAZING! Fresh fruits, juices and many varieties of cheese are lovely. We had an amazing time. Thank you Anja!

Another thing not to miss are the beer houses. We visited the Bier-Esel after a tip from our lovely host Anja from the Humboldt1 hotel. Some say the first mention of this place was in 1297! Today the Bier-Esel is probably pretty much the same. You can eat a perfect bradworst or curryworst here and the mules with fries are very popular here as well. The friendly staff keep on bringing more and more beers.

From 23 November till 23 December it's all about Christmas in Cologne. As many as 8 Christmas markets dominate the city and thousands of people visit the Christmas markets each year. A special train will take you from market to market.

A must visit is the little store of Mr. Cupcake - cupcake manufactor. Opened only on special hours and some days of the week this is a secret best kept by many locals. In the basement of an apartment block it has created a Cupcake heaven. You can choose from many flavors, they vary each week. Be sure to stop by early because the cupcakes often sell out extremely quickly.

Store after store after store dominate the city. Shopaholics can go crazy in Cologne. Many big retail stores are present here but also the smaller unique stores can be also found.

Make sure you stop by the Humboldt1 hotel when you are in Cologne for a personalized 5 star experience!

We look forward to our next stay in Cologne...

Written by
Anne Spanjersberg

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