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Do you want to create a fabulous and memorable Christmas Party? Here some top tips for YOU! From food and drink to the perfect playlist, your party will be UNIQUE!

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The most sociable and magic time of the year will be upon us very soon and we will be getting ready to host a perfect Christmas party! Preparing for these occasions can be a bit stressful but it shouldn't have to be that way! With a bit of planning and preparation you can put together a wonderful Christmas party that you can enjoy without the stresses that can come with it.

Christmas Décor

The first thing your guests will notice is the internal decorations, no doubt you will want to give them a great first impression and keep this consistent throughout the duration of the party.

Depending on the location of the party, this will determine how you choose to decorate the venue. This will obviously differ depending on if it is your own home or that of a building with a much larger and more open space. Whatever it will be, there are a variety of colour schemes and themes you can adopt to "wow" your guests and get them in the festive spirit! Some of the coolest themes can be a Scandinavian Nordic Noel, a White Christmas party or a Santa Claus theme party.

As long as you are consistent with your colours and ensure the personal touches such as; crackers, scented candles, table decorations and lighting are in line with the rest of the house then the perfect Christmas party atmosphere will be created!

Christmas Menu

Everyone knows that calories don't count in December…! You have a couple of options in this instance; you can either do all the food and drink yourself or look to caterers to give you a helping hand so you do not have to worry about stressing over guests' preferences or dietary requirements.

When it comes to food choices, you have a plethora of options to go with. some examples? Cherry cheese cupcake, savory bignè, the traditional lasagna, cranberry chili meatballs, the undeniable Christmas sweets...

Just ensure you are organised and have it prepared in advance to avoid any unnecessary panic come the day of the party.

Christmas Drinks

One of the most important aspects of any Christmas party is the drink that will be served. Why not be a little different and look to create your own Christmas cocktails, having a few ready-made ensures you can please everyone! Do you want some recipes? Here they are:

Rose Crumble
: Four Roses bourbon, apple and cinnamon syrup with lemon and egg white.

The Nutcracker: 25ml Walnut infused Bushmills, 40ml Baileys Original Irish Cream, 60ml Hazelnut & Almond milk, 2 dashes of chocolate bitters and 12.5ml date syrup.

Baby, It's Cold Outside: Martell VS, Cabernet Franc, lemon juice, Clementine Sherbert and underbug bitters.

Festive music

Having the right playlist at your party is vital in creating the desired Christmas atmosphere and getting everyone in the festive mood! You can either go with a DJ if your party is on the larger side and a little more on the "wild" side, or if it is a bit more sophisticated and traditional, nothing says Christmas quite like a choir coming and singing some carols.

However, you organise your Christmas party, it is most important that you are able to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. At the end of the day it is your holiday season too!


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