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The Pinktrotters spent a weekend in Ascoli Piceno, one of the most beautiful little cities in the middle of Italy, close to the East coast, during the Quintana middle-age revocation.

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Hello Pinktrotters! Wonder where we were last weekend?
We just returned from a spectacular weekend in Le Marche, in Ascoli Piceno, native city of Eliana, our founder.
We experienced the culture and traditions that the city offers. The artistic and architectural heritage left everyone breathless. Its old town, built almost entirely of travertine (limestone), is one of the most important and admired in the region and in central Italy.
Luckily, we got to ride bikes around the city and go exploring. Bike riding was perfect, especially in the summer heat! Special thanks to Guido Castelli, the Major of the city and Michela Fortuna, the Tourism Assessor who invited us to experience everything this weekend!

The girls invited to visit the city were coming from different parts of Italy: Alessia from Vicenza, Martina from Rome, Sophia from Milan and Jessica & Juliane (sisters) originally from Brazil but living in Alessandria.
They arrived by train or bus as Ascoli Piceno is not so close to airports but this did not discourage our trotters from getting there safely!

During our stay we saw the major monuments and historical points of Ascoli Piceno, such as the Piazza del Popolo and its Church San Francesco. The church is situated in the heart of the city, where there are one of the most important buildings, including the Palace of the Captains and the historic Caffè Meletti.
On Saturday during the parade of Quintana, we were given the opportunity to watch part of the middle-age parade of Quintana from the terrace of the bar. The view was spectacular.

Another very important square and the oldest one is the Piazza Arringo, home to the medieval Baptistery of San Giovanni and the Cathedral of St. Emidio whose ceilings are beautifully painted in blue and gold. But the story goes beyond the medieval squares, streets and alleys of the city give us a real feeling of returning to the Middle Ages.

The city left us speechless for its history, architecture and beauty. An interesting point is that Ascoli Piceno is in the middle between the mountains and the beach, only 20 minutes away. Not bad at all!
In the next post we continue describing our experience in Ascoli Piceno. One post is not enough for all!!

Ready for the next adventure? What is the next place on your travel list, Pinktrotters?

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