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Discover Cortina and a cozy women friendly hotel with us!

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Today we want to introduce you to Cortina, in case you don't know this beautiful place yet!

Cortina D'Ampezzo is definitely the most popular, chic and famous location within the Italian Dolomites. Its beautiful valley is surrounded by some of the most stunning peaks of northern Italy, which allow everyone to go walking, hiking or climbing.

Obviously this small town is also the perfect spot for Spa lovers like us, in fact here you can definitely relax while enjoying the amazing surroundings, forget about everything and just be pampered!

Last weekend, while our Pinktrotters were enjoying the snow and the slopes in the 'pearl of the Dolomites', they had the pleasure to discover a cozy hotel, located right in the center of this lovely town, called Hotel Ambra.
It is totally in line with the Pinktrotters Lifestyle given that it is elegant and, above all, a watchful eye can easily understand that the owner is 100% pernickety.
Everything wheels around the guest but, in addition, there's an unusual attention to women needs.

The staff is extremely kind and professional, while the rooms are large, cozy and gracefully furnished also thanks to the wood floors and walls, that give each room an amazing mountain touch.

Elisabetta Dotto, the owner – aka Locandiera 2.0 – says that " Hotel Ambra has welcomed lovers of art, culture and the Cortina lifestyle, that special blend of open air and fashionable society. True luxury – she believes – consists in satisfying your heart's desires. Along with a professional and motivated team I am committed to making your stay with us truly memorable".
She has talent, you can see it going there: this is probably the only one, between all the Hotels in Cortina, that is mostly conceived for chic women, always on the move and sophisticated. Yes, real and perfect Pinktrotters!

We had so much fun!
We want to address a huge and sincere thank you to Elisabetta and all the staff for having us, everything was perfect!

Join us next time ladies, don't miss our upcoming chic events all over the world, check them out here!

Photo Credits: Hotel Ambra, Pinterest & Pinktrotters

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