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Nike training tips for you Pinktrotters! If you're participating in the Nike Run, this post is for you! Even if you've always wanted to run but don't know where to start, read on for Pinktrotter running tips!

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Today's post comes to us from Pinktrotter Elena Minozzi. This seasoned runner shares her training experience and reveals her favorite tips!


I guess you should have already sensed it from the amount of "running" themed pictures I'm spamming your Instagram and Facebook homepages with: I seriously love running.

But it hasn't always been like this.

On the contrary, there was a time when I could risk to loose one lung after just a couple of meters.

Then I moved to New York, in a Tribeca skyscraper, right along the Hudson River. And do you think I could really miss the real New Yorker habit of running along the river on Saturday mornings? Well, the first time it was just a matter of wearing a trendy Nike outfit and taking some pictures (at the time we didn't call them "selfies" yet…I can feel kind of "old" right now…), pretending to be a sporty girl. Then I said, "Come on, let's try to run a little bit, everybody does it, I can do it too."

And that "little bit" first turned into ten minutes, then twenty, then thirty. And after a few months I definitely needed at least a couple of night a week for a run among NYC skyscrapers, included a final relaxing moment on a Battery park bench, facing the Statue of Liberty.

From that moment on I have never stopped running. Running in summertime, but also in winter, wrapped up with layers and layers of thermal clothes. Running in a park, on the beach, even on the mountains, risking to break my leg while slipping on the ice. Running along the river bank in Padova and along Naviglio in Milano. Along the Seine in Paris or the Bosphorus in Istanbul.

That's exactly what I love more about running: you can do it wherever you are and it's even better if you are in a new place, as you can profit to watch around and discover new landscapes and skylines.

Now that I moved to Florence running is even more beautiful. I can enjoy sunsets (sometimes also sunrises) on the Arno river and I'm discovering, time after time, all the neighborhoods thanks to Firenze Corre, the group trainings that are organized every Wednesday, starting at 8 pm in front of the Duomo church and always following different routes: among the tiny streets of the city center or up to Piazzale Michelangelo and beyond, through Parco delle Cascine or around Careggi hospital. It has definitely become a fixed date in my weeks.

I also took part to the Deejay Ten, organized in Florence by Radio Deejay on Sunday May 17th, and you can't imagine my satisfaction when I survived to the first 5km, all uphill (underburning sun, by the way), stayed strong till the 10th km and closed the run with my best time ever.

Then, well, my friends found me sitting (or rather, collapsed) on Museo Gucci front steps, drinking bottles and bottles of Acqua Vitasnella, but the important was to get to the end with no problems.

This is actually another reason why I love running: after it you feel great, recharged, with your adrenalin at a super high level. Especially when you manage to beat your personal records (let's be honest, it might also be a way to escape and have fun, but I am, and I stay, a competitive person and I could never miss in my trainings the Nike app the takes my time, speed and distance!).

Hence, to make the long story short, where has all this running taken me to?

To training with the Pinktrotters Running Team, getting ready for the We Run Milano of June 5th.

I took part to it, by myself, two years ago and, with the Pinktrotters Crew, last year as well. This time, though, it's even better: because I found so many other girls like me, super busy with their jobs and several appointments, constant travelers, but who never leave home their Nike Pegasus and go running wherever they are.

Indeed, our trainings doesn't forcefully need to happen in the same place; sometimes, well, very often, they may be simultaneously, but at hundreds of miles of distance.

And it's however worth as a good stimulus not to give up, to support each other, to keep fit and, first of all, to have fun (always!).

After all, what else would you expect from real Pinktrotters???

Join other PinkTrotters on May 26!

And now, if you feel like this too, what are you waiting for before signing up for the run with the Pinktrotters Crew? You can do it at this link and benefit from a special 10€ discount.

Don't say you're not ready: no worries, there's one last group training on May 26th in Milan (and I will of course synchronize from Lungarno to start with the rest of the team!).

We are waiting for you!

Read more about Elena Nike training experience and more here:

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