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Here we are again, ready to recollect the amazing chic experiences of our second day spent with the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in Milan!

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Here we are again, ready to recollect the amazing chic experiences of our second day spent with the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in Milan, on the 12nd of November 2014!

The first meeting of our second morning together was established in a charming location, right in the heart of Milan: Chateau Monfort, a five-star hotel that is always able to enchant you with its elegantly furnished interiors, with an atmosphere and charm reminiscent of a romantic castle, that allows you to act out the leading role in their own favorite fairy tale.

The Alcova del Rubacuori room (or Room of Mirrors) with its comfortable retro chic sofas reinterpreted with a modern look was reserved just for the Pinktrotters breakfast and their own Galaxy Note 4. So chic and cozy!


At the table everyone was having fun while taking screenshots of their favorite styles from the Internet, then using the Concept Book feature to create their own inspirational journal.

Once satisfied, we moved to a fantastic showroom where the ladies were allowed to choose some high couture dresses between the many available, always using the Note 4 to take notes and wide selfies, their followers just loved them! Have you seen the gowns we are talking about? Simply stunning!

That's why a huge thank you obviously goes to Guffanti Showroom for the beautiful location and the amazing collections that the participants had at their disposal during the second day with the brand new Samsung device. Just so you know, Guffanti ConceptShowRoom is an exclusive agent in Italy providing total looks from international and Italian brands for women and children clothing.

The beautiful brands were GRINKO, GAOWEI+XINZHAN, BLOMOR and RHEA COSTA.

After a tasty home made buffet for lunch, provided by 93 Gradi, the eight participants were divided into two groups and each of them, within the assigned group, chose a city to interpret, namely: Paris, New York, Moscow and Tokyo. They all had the entire showroom at their beck and call, the only additional requirement was constituted by their own creative imagination, always bearing in mind the 'urban theatre' theme of the event!

Each of them eventually modeled for a panel of fashion judges, composed by some well known names of famous magazines, such as Vogue, Elle Italia, Grazia Italia, IoDonna.

The winners received as gifts a goodie bags containing, inter alia, the super useful Butterfly Twists ballerinas and a VIP invitation for Alta Roma 2015.

Again, we want to address a giant thank you to all the participants and Samsung Italia for this amazing opportunity, it was a real pleasure to work together with you all and share these fabulous experiences!


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