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Discover the stunning Palais Namaskar in Marrakech

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Marrakech. I've already had the opportunity in the past to visit this beautiful city and its surroundings, to totally immerse myself in its scents and colours that sometimes even seem unreal.

I had left this city especially in my heart, in spite of repeated praise from the male inhabitants who for culture, do not hesitate to express, sometimes too explicitly in the eyes of an European , their compliments to a girl otherwise lean , or if you prefer really in shape or maybe round!

Obviously, when last summer I had the opportunity to return to Morocco, I did not have let slip , sure and excited to be able to live a more comfortable living .

But the reality proved to be different from what I've imagined in my head.

The experience was , in fact, not only beautiful but totally amazing!

The welcome I received from what is hardly definable in a hotel, was the key, it appears to be more like an experience that borders on the divine: Palais Namaskar , a 20 -minute drive from the center of Marrakech.

IMGP4724 5 star Riads, boutique hotels in the center of the Medina , large resorts just outside the ancient walls. Nothing of this is comparable to this hotel, where everything around it is made of peace, tranquillity, the heady scent of Jasmine , the constant chirping of birds and the sound of the water.

From the airport each guest is elegantly escorted up to the sumptuous lobby of the hotel, where you are greeted with a warmth and friendliness that only a few can really deliver .

Before the check-in, of course doable in comfort once you arrive in the splendor of your room, they offer a tour of the magnificent structure, which stretches for acres and acres of land, comprising by the Arabian night gardens. Olive trees make the atmosphere even more relaxing and chic, without forgetting the various bodies of water that appear everywhere and which seem to be endless. At the end of the tour, now in awe because of the beauty of the place , it is proposed , as if they were able to read minds, a wonderful breakfast before seeing our room and settled . And, as is well known , a breakfast is never refused , nor whether sitting by the pool with a magnificent view of golden domes, olive and white curtains that frame the whole thing, making you feel like a sheik .


Each room has its own swimming pool and its own terrace / garden, everything always strictly on the ground floor . The choice , as far as the accommodation is full , you may simply choose deluxe rooms with private outdoor Jacuzzi , larger suites with private pool , until you get to sumptuous villas , spread over several floors, equipped with every kind of comfort.

IMGP4959 Each movement is observed , in order to make the guests' stay as pleasant as possible , trying not to bother them in any way with unwanted presences .

Each request is promptly answered, even the most strange . If you want to dine in the open in one of the gardens , everything you need will be prepared exclusively for you.

IMGP4752 IMGP4943 If you want to take a helicopter ride, and dine in the middle of the desert, no problem, you just need enough time to arrange everything.

The spa is small but equipped with all the comforts and the staff is absolutely professional .

For sport and fitness lovers, the gym has everything you need, including personal trainers, who can also custom make appointments , if you the need to dispose of the superb food to which you are not able to quit during the stay, to make an aqua aerobics, running in the middle of nature , yoga and other activities .

IMGP5003 The excursions are awesome, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture , without ever losing that touch of glamor that distinguishes the hotel.

The dinner in the desert, the lunch served by a Moroccan family or by Sir Richard Branson's Kasbah Tamadot, in the middle of Atlas Mountains, are just few of many examples that could be made ...

IMGP5094 IMGP5109

The hotel also offers a rooftop bar which served an aperitif but also where you can ask to have dinner , to be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset included.

IMGP4938 As you may have guessed by now, my experience has been more than wonderful, therefore I absolutely recommend a stay, even briefly, in this beautiful place. Last but not least, discounts and offers are often offered on the site , which allow you to stay in dream places like this without having to spend a fortune.

If you have the opportunity and the fortune to visit Marrakech and why not, this oasis of peace, let us know how it was! By Elisabetta

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