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The countdown clock has started ticking! For one month we will be on Kickstarter raising contributions to improve Pinktrotters and bring it to the next level! Support us now!

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The big moment has finally arrived!

Our crowdfunding campaign is now live on Kickstarter! The campaign will be running for just 30 days! We need your help to build the APP, bring our network to the next level and expand it all over the world! You can't imagine how important a donation will be during this time, even the smallest. Watch the beautiful video we realized to support our campaign! Sharing and spreading the word can make a big difference! Thank you for what you all have done so far! Don't forget to keep supporting us especially now, when your help is so precious!

Our team

We are a team of 10 passionate women, between the ages of 27 and 35, coming from different backgrounds and different parts of Europe, who want to build a strong, international social network for women on the move just like us! We worked very hard during the last months to bring and share with you the best of Pinktrotters and finally launch our crowdfunding campaign that you can view and support on Kickstarter and named PINKickstarter!

What we achieved so far:

Since we embarked on this project, we have achieved a steady and promising growth that has helped us achieve the following results:

  • 200.000 leads
  • 250 events & trips planned
  • more than 100 Ambassadors in fashion, wellness, food & arts
  • presence in more than 20 cities (mainly European)
  • strategic lifestyle partnerships with Secret Escapes, Glamour, Elle, Chic Outlets
  • strategic brand partnerships with Audi, Ford, Longines, L'Oreal, Samsung, Hyundai, Lierac, Nike
  • we are a SEIS compliant UK based company
..and this is just the beginning!

Our Rewards for You:

By redeeming one of our special branded rewards you're officially going to be part of our network and get the chance to win unlimited subscription to our VIP app FOR FREE!

Together with amazing branded products, with your contribution you will have the opportunity to receive

FOR FREE our VIP mobile APP!

Don't miss this chance, it is valid only during the campaign! Read on our Kickstarter page all the details!

Support Pinktrotters and
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