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We flew from different parts of the world: Switzerland, USA, Sweden, Japan, Germany, Italy, UK. We were 17 women in total experiencing - some of us...

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We flew from different parts of the world: Switzerland, USA, Sweden, Japan, Germany, Italy, UK.

We were 17 women in total experiencing - some of us for the first time - the stunning Venice. In a special occasion, the one of Carnival, when the city is more crowded, coloured, excited than ever!

Our program was pretty intense and very much concentrated to live the best of the Carnival in the 4 days we booked on the island. Dinners, parties, concerts, taxi boats here and there, dresses to try, hairdressers to catch… intense but magic, unique, to be lived again !!

Here our Pinktrotters suitcase ready to leave for Carnival: our party perfect photo & video maker Padfone from Asus, the masks, the beauty and comfy products from Scholl & Veet, our party nail polish from Essie, our night dresses and sunglasses. Pinktrotters, let's rock the Venice Carnival!

Valigia Thursday afternoon arrival day dedicated to some mask-shopping time in the centre of the city, exploring San Marco square more beautiful than ever at the sun light. We took advantage to get to know each others, trying the sweet specialties like Zaledo and Torta del Doge.

Private taxi reserved for the Pinktrotters to get to our Linea D'Ombra Restaurant where we had reserved a room just for us and got spoiled with a selection of michelin fine fish and meat dishes and wines coming from Veneto Region like Bardolino and Recioto di Soave.

After dinner we sail over Palazzina G, holding a sexy Red party with great intimate atmosphere, music and selected participants. Everybody was dressed in red and wearing facial masks…the Pinktrotters were dancing on the main table, and the whole room was looking at us!!

Friday day spent trying and deciding which dress to wear for the Costume Ball of the Friday and Saturday evenings. You can imagine how long it took to make 17 women decide what to wear for that special event! :-) It was a pretty intense day but we made it!! Thanks to the patience of Alessio and her seamstresses.

Here you see a first Gallery by our Pinktrotter Elena Zaucke from Germany, amazing photographer!

Time for some hair fixing, make up and corsage fitting and…we immediately jumped in the 1700 palace times!

Indescribable the sensation of wearing those clothes, those wigs, tiaras and masks… We felt like Princesses! Palazzo Rota Ivancich welcomed the Pinktrotters and the participants were looking at us entering the palace like we were coming from a different world. It doesn't happen everyday to have such a numerous group of women attending together those types of events. We made history!

Dinners served at the tables, performances throughout the night of singers, music players, actors and Prince Maurice who spent some nice words especially for us during the party. Who closed the dancing floor at 3 AM? ...You know the answer!

Saturday the weather did not assist us unfortunately. It poured rain all day long and this prevented us to jump on our gondolas to get to Cà Sagredo Palace. We reward ourselves at Danieli Hotel bar with a proper lunch and chilled out till our taxis came to pick us up and brought to the Palace for a special private concert followed by buffet dinner.

The high tide of Saturday night did not prevent the Pinktrotters to get their dresses up and get to a private party first and later to Casino for a Circus theme party. Dancing, dancing, dancing…that's what we do best! ;-)

Sunday was closed together with the few Pinktrotters left, at Il Ridotto restaurant. Relaxing time before leaving.

Here the great pictures taken at Cà Sagredo palace by photographer Califfo from Venice.

What's left in our memories after this great weekend together? The great international women we met, the friendships that will last, the smiles, the laughs, the feeling like princesses. Together.

A special THANK YOU to Venice Carnival Association and Giovanna Barbiero who welcomed the Pinktrotters to her exclusive incredible parties.

An even more special THANK YOU to Alessio and his dresses, masks and accessories from Atelier Bertoldini Giuliana who made us all feel incredible for the time we spent in Venice! We were told we all looked like we were used to wear those special dresses since we were born, as much comfortable we felt walking in them.

We already booked our Agenda for Carnival 2015…and you??

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