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Le Marche Region of Italy are the new Tuscany. Calm green hills, medieval villages all built in bricks, mountains and beaches, food to die for! What's not to love?

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Do you know what is Quintana di Ascoli Piceno? It's a middle-age revocation parade and game where the 6 blocks of the city of Ascoli Piceno are in competition to win a painted draft of a big value called "palio". Each year painted by a famous artist.
The 6 blocks (called "sestieri") are Porta Tufilla, Porta Romana, Sant'Emidio, Piazzarola, Porta SolestĂ  and Porta Maggiore. We had the pleasure to be hosted at their dinners and parties on the Friday night before the game on Saturday. Have a look at the energy and coloured crowd we were surrounded by.

Our weekend continued exploring the city by bike and we were hosted for lunch at Hotel 100 Torri by the owner Maria Enrica Tassi. Olive all'ascolana (typical local dish, fried olives with meat or fish inside), local ham, cold pasta fusilli and farfalle with tuna, black olives and tomatoes. The wine of the local cantine Pantaleone Wines was always present in our food break moments.

Together with her, the brunch was served by Fabio Firmani, famous tea expert in the city that delighted us with funny stories about Ascoli citizens during our tea time.

All the jeans and trousers the girls are wearing are from Re-Hash Jeans Maker local fabric. You can find more info about the production and history of the brand here.

Another great food time we spent together in Ascoli Piceno was offered by Sabelli SPA that produces local cheese of various typologies. We tried mozzarella normal and bufala one, caciotte miste with nuts, peppers, olives and truffles inside, but the best dish above all was the pasta with burrata on top. We could not ask for more! Even the heat did not stop to eat it all and be delighted about it.

Thanks to Valentina & Emanuela from Make AP Truccheria (they sell very selective brands of perfumes and cosmetics, not commercial and biologic), the girls got a beautiful make up before wearing the middle-age dresses and get into the real tradition of Quintana.

Caffè Meletti hosted us on its beautiful terrace to watch the Quintana parade and in the meantime we kept on drinking and eating...Ops sorry! Yes, we love to try local food and there was no end to it during our weekend.

The sound of the drums and the applause of the people around us were making the experience even more emotional. It was a real immersion into a city. A small clean welcoming city that we would totally recommend to go and visit. Questions about where to go out at night? We suggest to go to the Riviera delle Palme (Palms Riviera - San Benedetto Del Tronto, along the beach, 20 minutes away by car from Ascoli) where you can find places like La Terrazza, Medusa, Viniles and surround yourself with younger energetic crowds.

Have a look at to discover more tips and see you in Le Marche Region, the new Tuscany!

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