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Travelling Solo for business or pleasure? Here you can find some useful tips! Don't forget to find out who's in town via Pinktrotters!

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As you know, Pinktrotters main aim is to connect women all around the world, offering them a safe net and network when they are on the move for pleasure or business.

That' s why today we want to talk about the best tips for single travellers.

Often we have to travel for business on our own or we want to discover new places by ourselves. Let's say one thing: this is not boring!

Going solo can definitely be the ultimate in self-indulgence: in fact you can stop when you want and pour it on when you're feeling ambitious. Your errors are your own, and your triumphs could also be more exciting.
Basically, you can do what you want when you prefer.

At the same time, however, even if the payoffs are often huge, travelling alone as a woman could be quite tricky and we have to find the perfect balance between risks and caution.

That's why we want to suggest some simple tips to follow:

  • Always remember to carry a paper map even if you're a tech-addicted. This old fashioned habit could save your life when your trusted device runs out of battery!

  • Try to pack as light as possible. We all know that this could be a hard challenge so, worst case scenario, at least pack just one big piece so you don't have to worry about many separate items.

  • In case you're worried about men bothering you, remember to wear a fake wedding ring, this could help to fend off unwanted advances.
Not exactly a fake wedding ring but it's definitely perfect for travel-addicted!

  • Before leaving book your own private transfers so you won't leave your safety to chance.

  • Always remember to dress in a way that allows you to blend in with the locals as best as you can and get a private guide if you're going to venture in a place where women are never seen alone.

  • What about the single supplement issue? There aren't many ways to get around it: first of all, you can avoid it by booking your accomodations through a tour operator that offers room matching or, if this is too complicated, just try to find someone who is going to be there via Pinktrotters!

  • Obviously don't draw attention to yourself by wearing jewelry or showy clothes but, at the same time, please avoid appearing like a real tourist. Ditch the classic 'I love New York' t-shirt and look around you, don't dive your face into the guidebook.

So.... Have fun and enjoy the trip while meeting other Pinktrotters around the globe!

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