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Discover a smart and inspiring travel experience! Ilektra has spent a wonderful month in Portugal, among beaches, surf camps and stunning lansdcapes, using her skills in exchange for accomodation!

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One month in Portugal with Worldpackers!

You have your work, your friends, your home and suddenly you decide that the safety net which you created with so much love and tenderness in not enough for you anymore. Last summer I graduated from university, had already completed my internship and there I was with absolutely no clue about my future, about what I want in my life, what will make me happy. So I just disappeared in Portugal for one month. Was it a success? Did I book the first ticket back to Greece by the time I set my foot to this country? Well keep on reading my friends.

Worldpackers is a company which helps young people to travel around the world without spending a fortune as they provide free accommodation, meals and sometimes a pocket money in exchange for their skills. These skills vary from photography to cooking or even painting. Mine were storytelling and photography, so I found a job in a hostel/surf camp, called "Perfect Spot Lisbon", located in Cascais, the sunniest beach town of Lisbon. I will help them with social media and press. Did I mention that I always wanted to learn how to surf?

So here I am, in a residence five minutes from the ocean trying to decide what to cook with my roommate Kamila, who is also a volunteer in the hostel. By the afternoon we had already finished all of our work, so we just hit the ocean to spend the rest of the day surfing. The ocean is the first thing I loved of my experience in Portugal.

This second one was the opportunity to meet so many interesting people, all of them travellers. Some had been travelling for the last year, some of them had just started their journey, and some of them were only there for their holidays.

Besides, good food is for sharing, and trust me Portugal has amazingly good food.
I discovered "Moules and Gin" which serves around fifteen different types of mules and around ten different types of gin. If you happen to be there you have to pay it a visit. Another place that it can easily become a spot in Cascais is "House of Wonders", a terrace for smoothies, tapas, sweets and great cocktails, totally recommend it.

In general I used to spend my days in Cascais because I was working, living, surfing and doing horse riding there but if I wanted to check out Lisbon, I could just take the train and in thirty minutes I was in the city centre. Lisbon is located in seven hills so there are many viewpoints, the famous "miradouro", where the view is amazing. If you are a fan of sunsets I should advice you to go to "Park", which is literally a parking lot with a hidden door leading to one of the most beautiful terraces you have ever saw.

Between surf, horse riding, the work in the hostel, and my small adventures in Lisbon, I did not realize how my holidays came to an end. I did not forget that, in the beginning of my article I told that I came in Portugal for a reason. Well I advice you that if at any case you find yourself lost, you just have to book a ticket.

Through my journey I realized not only that destiny is to invest myself in the travel industry as a digital storyteller, but also I had the chance to meet so many inspirational people, one of them actually is sitting with me while I am writing this article.

Hope that you found my experience inspirational, I'll see you soon, possibly bringing news from another destination.

Thanks to our lovely Ambassador Ilektra Chatzopoulou for sharing her amazing experience with #Pinktrotters!

Photo courtesy: Ilektra Chatzopoulou, Pinterest, Yelp, lisbonlux, valigieinmano.

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