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When we come back home after an holiday, our mobile phones or SD are full of pictures, that represent unforgettable memories. A good idea to keep every single memory is to assemble them in a wonderful wall art decor! #Pinktrotters & can help you!

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Every new travel means an SD full of memories. More often than not, these memories can be measured in thousands. It only makes sense that between these shots of foreign adventures, new faces, mountain highs and ocean lows lies a real goldmine of travel photography. Whether you're measuring the Great Wall of China, supporting the Leaning Tower of Pisa, these memories have to be accordingly celebrated! Assembling them in a meaningful wall art decor is one of the many ways to do it.

Japan Atmospherics

Well, it seems we've started off our decor "hack list" with one of the most ambiguous and ethereal locations to take photos of. Those lucky hearts who have made it to the Land of the rising sun surely know what a legitimate culture shock feels like. However, they most likely have also witnessed the unique tranquility and mystique of places like the Kyoto Bamboo forest.

To replicate this Zen-infused ambiance, you go for a full-blown simplicity. It can be a 3 x 3 grid pattern, with the canvases depicting textures of bamboos, doorbell chimes, and fog-clad forest lines or a large format wall art, covering a full section of your wall from the bottom to the top. Just add a simple, minimalist accent in a form of a bamboo tree bench with pairs of decorative getas (Japanese sandals) underneath. You can grasp some inspiration from these examples of the mixture between the Japanese tranquility and the contemporary aesthetic. A perfect Far East composition.

A Bit of the Berlin Grim

Despite Berlin being a always inviting and seemingly indefeasible European metropolis, a huge part of its charm lies in its rather grim history. It's been an attraction point for those seeking to capture photos of a weird nostalgia-infused tension that's still pretty much present. Just check out the works by Sibylle Bergemann and you'll get the picture.

So, if you have some artsy B & W photos of the remnants of the wall, peculiar alleyways, and culturally significant graffiti, it's time for a culturally and historically inspired mini-exhibit at your place. The photos should be sparsely deployed, three for each wall at max, in a straight, horizontal alignment. The greatest effect would be achieved with the use of passe-partout, for the combo of white inner frame and black matte outer frame can provide a sophisticated modern gallery vibe! And, if there's something that simply screams contemporary art, then Berlin is to blame!

The Industry of New York

All the flashiness and the cultural mishmash of New York City is sure to make your thumb hurt from the constant snapping of everything around you. Whether it's the classic yellow New York Taxi, the 360° kaleidoscope of the Time Square or the colossal architectural scale of the downtown Manhattan in general, you might find yourself spending the better part of the trip with a camera mounted to your eye.

NYC can easily stand as the synonym for grandeur and industrial power, thus, an equally robust and sophisticated foundation would be only appropriate for displaying photo memories coming straight from the Big Apple. Large format photo print on the acrylic + aluminium foundation, covering the better part of the wall above your Scandinavian sofa will do the thing. An urban epicness like the one above does not demand any counterparts and is a great standalone decor.

Iceland the Dream

Iceland truly is a peculiar place. While it looks inspiring at some corners, it can also seem completely abandoned a few miles in the opposite direction. A place where most of the urban-accustomed hearts will either find a long-term inner peace or succumb to the open wilderness and the strange vacuum usually experienced in locations where there's little to none human activity involved.

To capture this emotional variety and acquire a full-blown Nordic elegance, a multitude of small format canvas prints, sporadically positioned above your palette bed would be the best solution. Emotionally contrasting yet bearing the same minimalist vibe the rest of your room presumably does. And what the Iceland itself does on a natural level.


Though the name may sound as a title for a progressive rock band, this is actually the original name of the New Zealand, still used by the Māori population of this nation. To exclude the land where a real, tangible Hobbiton stands would be a real flaw on our side. The land of tropical beaches, snowy mountain tops, the land of true eclecticism where, as it seems, all the qualities of the places mentioned above really fuse together.

Despite being one of the smallest nations (both population and size-wise) on the globe, New Zealand is all about scope and scale. To witness its vastness is an electrifying experience, possibly one of the most unforgettable feelings a person can actually encounter. Little can be done to replicate the sensation, but, just like it was with the self-sufficient Manhattan, a large scale wall art decor at least could have a considerable effect. Whether you pick a panorama canvas or a wallpaper covering the whole wall, landscape photo from Aotearoa is sure to give your spirit some well-deserved oxygen.

Feel free to visit to find the most fitting format for your travel photo memories!

Article written by Gvido Grube.

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