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Have you ever noticed that old-fashioned values, such as kindness, no longer seem important?  People’s attitudes towards moral ideals and...

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Have you ever noticed that old-fashioned values, such as kindness, no longer seem important?


People's attitudes towards moral ideals and principles have been changed in this tremendously competitive age. The long-cherished traditional virtues like kindness are no longer highlighted. In its place, achieving high social status and gathering wealth turn to be the chase of a huge amount of people, both women and men.

In addition, the whole society now is suffering from the death of kindness brought by pursuing fame and money. The sad fact is that few persons would offer their helping hands to the others in need. So, it seems absolutely crucial to revitalize this traditional and remarkable virtue.

Talking about males... We are aware that men, not just men in general but kind, true, respectful gentlemen may seem to be a rarity nowadays. That's why kindness works at their advantage when present. Aren't we astonished when a man offers himself to help us with our heavy carry-on on a train or airplane? Yes, because kindness is truly uncommon these days.

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Well, gentlemen: don't be too narrow-minded in aeternum, otherwise you're going to waste your entire life! Be open-minded, be kind and help others in need, above all women! :)

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