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Azzurra Farino is all about business, travel, and design. Find out why this lady is inspired by art!

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Today's Inpirational woman is Azzura Farino, a lovely Italian woman living her dream in Milan! Azzura is an architect and interior designer who owns her own business. Check her out at & RSVP to join other Pink Trotters for her upcoming event!

Instgram & Twitter: lacscuriosity

In a few sentences, tell us about yourself:
I am a travel addict,devoted aesthetic and an eclectic architect.

What inspired your love for art, architecture and design? What is LACScuriosity?
My company name says it all: "curiosity". There is a quote by the famous designer Achille Castiglioni: "A designer must be curious. He shall observe the daily gestures, the common shapes, to find out that he can do everything else. If you are not curious, forget it." I totally agree. Curiosity about everything happens around you, about the new, the unexpected generates results in their unique way. In my case, this brought me and my partner Stella Lanzano together to create LACScuriosity, a design office,that distinguishes an esthetic and multidisciplinary vision of interior design, creative consultancy and event design.
Tell us about "Unexpected Beauty"! How does is inspire other women to seek art (especially while travelling?):
Actually UNEXPECTED BEAUTY is the exhibition dedicated to the Neapolitan artist Michele Attianese, that is going to open on April 8th, in Milan, at LACSapartment, LACScuriosity's new project. LACSapartment is an eclectic space that promotes the meeting between contemporary art and home spaces. Monthly, for one day, a few hours or an entire week-end, It will host cultural events, shows, exhibitions and food moments,offering visitors an unusual exhibition itinerary. One with an informal and relaxing atmosphere. It will be very different from the white walls of museums and traditional art galleries.

Were there any specific locations (i.e. countries) that inspire you:
I love traveling, or rather, I crave it… I think visiting a new place or going back to a known one always offers you a new inspiration. In particular, I'm fascinated by Istanbul, by its extraordinary way to combine the role of an ancient byzantine Capital with that of a city nominated to be the designated World Design Capital for 2018. The balance between modern and antique gives me the true inspiration for my job.
What do you think about women traveling together and the PinkTrotters concept?:
I think that's a brilliant idea, especially if you don't like traveling alone. Most importantly because you can get in touch with people who share your same idea of travel.
In what location (country or city) have you felt the most at home?:
In Marrakech, I could spend all my life going around the Medina, drinking green tea at the Terrace des Epices and visiting the the majorelle garden by Yves Saint Laurent . All dressed with Argan oil for sure!

Have you read any books while traveling? What are your favorites?:
Recently, trips are my only possibility to read without any disturbance. So I 'm used to leaving with a bag full of books… Every kind.. From novels to shelter magazines to poetry collections. My favorites now are Daria Bignardi, Un karma pesante, Francesco Piccolo, Piccoli momenti di trascurabile felicità, Eskol Nevo, Neuland
Do you have a guilty pleasure when travelling?:
No doubt! A Thai massage at the hotel spa, after at least one hour of relaxing in sauna, Turkish Bath and jacuzzi.

Name 3 outfits your absolutely have to travel with:
1. A Cashmere scarf. I am very frail and the air conditioning ,especially in the airports is terrible. 2. Moccasins. When I travel I need comfortable shoes, but always stylish. 3. A white shirt during the day. White with the right jewelry and shoes becomes perfect for dinners and cocktail hours!
Any advice or words of wisdom for other Pinktrotters in pursuit of their dreams or travel bliss?:
A quote took from Le Voyage by C Baudelaire: "But the true voyagers are only those who leave just to be leaving; hearts light, like balloons, they never turn aside from their fatality and without knowing why they always say: "Let's go!

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