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I have always loved travelling and dreamt about visiting far-away places ever since I was little. I jumped on a plane for the first time at 18 and haven’t stopped since.

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Charo Merida, a former Pinktrotters team member is a photographer and blogger. Orginally from Malaga, Spain she currently lives in London, pursuing her love for creativity.

Website: Sunset & Bubbles
Instagram: sunsets_and_bubbles

In a few sentences, tell us about yourself:

I have always loved travelling and dreamt about visiting far-away places ever since I was little. I jumped on a plane for the first time at 18 and haven't stopped since.
I love photography and try to take my camera to see the world with me whenever I get a chance. If the world is not within my reach, I take my camera around London, my home since 2010. I'm a bit of an epicure type and super curious by nature. I tend to find joy in almost everything I do and everywhere I go. If something stops being pleasurable for a while, then it's time to move onto something new :)

That's a good one :)
Until 2014 I held different senior positions within the Travel & Events Industry. I grew tired and bored of the corporate lifestyle and genuinely wanted to work in something related with photography and more creative overall. Luckily, Eliana (Pinktrotters founder) approached me and I began working with them on this amazing project. At the beginning of 2015 I began freelance photography and blogging. Because London is such a charming, captivating, and creative city, it woke up the adventurous side of me.
I'm still somehow involved with my previous 9-5 job, as I still need to pay bills and London is nothing but cheap! But, I do it only 2 days a week, which I actually appreciate so I get to spend time with my work colleagues who I really love!
And then I spend the rest of my week working on the blog: Photoshoots, editing images, writing content, applying social media strategy, establishing partnerships, reading, learning, engaging & so much more!
The blog has opened up incredible opportunities for me to develop my personal and my professional skills and I can't be any happier nor grateful for it! ;)

What inspired your love for traveling?

I think my love for traveling comes somehow from the fact that I'm a Sagittarius. I found some keywords & characteristics of the Sagittarius: "Extrovert, Free, Intelligent, Happy, Funny, Honest, Fair, Generous, Expansive, Adventurous, Curious." But wait, not everything is props to Sagittarius! According to the same article, and I fully agree with it ;) we're also: "Clumsy / Careless, Rebellious, Easily bored, Highly sensitive, Quick-tempered, and Loud."
I would say travelling is for extroverts because of the number of different people you meet along the way. Freeing, because you can do what you want and how you want.
Intelligent, because it forces you to travel smart to find the best places to visit, hang out, and not miss anything! And undoubtedly, traveling makes me happy!

Tell us about your experience documenting your travels? What is the inspiration behind your blog?
What I like doing on my travels is documenting the cool and pretty side that each destination has to offer. It is pretty easy to find beauty in the Greek Islands or in Bali, but maybe not that easy in other destinations like Frankfurt, a corporate city in the middle of Germany. Well, it is quite pretty indeed, and that's what I like to document on my blog - the beauty of each place I visit. I would like to inspire people to explore the many different awesome places that there are out there.

What countries would you recommend for other girls to travel to and photograph?

Indonesia, Spain & the UK:
Indonesia, has limitless things to photograph, from the moment you land, you'll find a good photo everywhere… Here's some examples on Bali and the Gili Islands, I can't wait to go back!: Sunsets and Bubbles- Bali & Gili Islands
Then, on the urban side of things, amazing cities like London and Edinburgh… You'd have no time in 10 holidays a year in London to even start to capture all the cool places, neighborhoods, markets, areas that London has to offer. If you need some tips on that, I'm your girl!
And of course, I need to include Spain, the variety of landscapes, urban spaces and seaside backgrounds is just stunning & limitless… From the southernmost of Europe in Tarifa, an incredibly amazing spot for wind & kitesurf; to Malaga and its beautiful streets; all of Andalusia and its historical and beautiful cultural sites, to Barcelona, Madrid, the islands (Ibiza, Formentera, Lanzarote…).

What do you think about women travelling together and the PinkTrotters concept?:
I think is a great and really original concept! Girls times is always fun times and girls times while traveling is even better… Pinktrotters offers the possibility to meet really interesting girls from all over the world… I've met very inspiring people through Pinktrotters events. Highly recommended!

In what location (country or city) have you felt the most at home?:
Malaga, my hometown and London, my current home.

Have you read any books while traveling? What are your favorites?:
Normally on holidays I'd have a couple of magazines with me and I'd have articles & posts on things that interest me downloaded in the reading-list of my phone. Elephant Journal, Elite Daily, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Time Out, Oh Comely, Lonely Planet, Traveler.

Do you have a guilty pleasure when travelling?:
Yesss. Food, food, food! : )

Any advice or words of wisdom for other Pinktrotters in pursuit of their dreams or travel bliss?:
"Decide you want it more than you're afraid of it"

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