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We had the chance to speak to lovely Angolan Elsa Viana, who has the privilege of being the only woman Chef in the whole Expo Milan 2015!

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Women are capable as much as men in any task!

Elsa Viana

Ambassador of the Angola Pavilion and Chef of the restaurant Angola at Expo 2015, Elsa is a super talented woman who brings on her the culinary fusion art the Angolan tradition mixed with a touch of European style!

Dear Elsa, must be an honor for you to be leading ambassador of Angola cuisine at Expo 2015! How did you approach this experience?

With full commitment, determination and expectation. It has been hard, but rewarding!

You're the Chef of Angola restaurant, located in Angolan pavilion. What are the main dishes that we can try there?

Anchovies with cream of palm oil beans, okra and seasoned baby tomatoes, Moamba chicken with peanuts, seafood rice with ginger and coriander!

What does it mean to you to be the only woman chef entire exposition?
This was the opportunity to confirm that women are capable as much as men in any task!

Have you lived in other countries, apart from Italy and Angola? What impressions did they left to you?
Yes, I lived in Malta and for the last 25 years in Portugal and Germany.

Tell us about your beautiful and incredible land: Angola.
That's where my belly button is buried. I mean, it is an undeniable part of me.
The smells, the colours, the people, my people, the Angolan gusto can be found in my dishes. Even if I would never set foot in Angola again, my soul and my heart will be always African!

What is unique about the delicious African cuisine?
African cuisine is made by the love put into every dish fresh, simple and unique ingredients!

What's your favourite dish?
Everything that comes out of the ocean. I was born and brought up at the sea.

Thank you very much Elsa!

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