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Talented Fashion designer who runs a lovely boutique hotel in Apulia with her mum. They revealed the old building and totally renewed it with an incredible design touch!

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Name: Fabrizia

Nationality: Italian

Living in: Rome

Brief Bio: Born in Bari in 1989, moved to Rome after high school to follow my passion studying fashion design at IED (European Institute of Design) and currently living there. Full time fashion designer and blogger with special inclination for interior design. Since 2012 jumping between Rome and Salento, Apulia, to work at my family-run boutique hotel.

Job and/or website: Fashion designer, blogger @ and owner of Palazzo Siena, .

We know that you have been running a project together with your mother and it consists in bringing and ancient building to life, can you please tell more about it and how everything started? Everything happen by chance... We were looking for a villa for our summer holidays in Salento. We had a very large panel of options and among these there were one which was not suitable as a summer house at all because it was too big. Me and my mother decided to see it anyway and, by the time we walked through the door, we completely fell in love and immediately imagined the project of a boutique hotel.

What drove you to being so inspired and do it? The beauty of this ancient building was almost completely hidden due to several decades of abandon. Honestly I have to say that my mother, Gilda, has been the very first person who saw the true potential of that place through the ruins and wild vegetation which covered this stunning wonder.

Where did you get the inspiration for Palazzo Siena so far? If Palazzo Siena was a person, it would definitely be Gilda. This place displays her love for hospitality, good food and art. Starting from the furniture, we aimed to give our clients that "home feeling" I'm sure you could never find into a "ordinary" hotel. I think that the strongest inspiration is provided to us by our clients; the reaction they have when they enter the door let us know they feel to be in an unexpectedly beautiful and relaxing place, but more valuable is the reaction they have when leaving: it let us know we have left a mark in their heart.

What do you think about the Pinktrotters project and modern women always on the move, also travelling together? Pinktrotters makes you experience travel from an additional and not ordinary point of view; you not only leave to discover new places but you also leave to discover new persons, friendships, relationships you wouldn't have never made without the help of Pinktrotters.

Why should a Pinktrotter go to Palazzo Siena when travelling to Puglia? Scrolling Pinktrotters locations and villas, and considering also my amazing travel experience with Pinktrotters, I think that the focus is on 3 key elements: wonderful places, fun and relax. Let me say that Palazzo Siena has all the 3 of them!

Where in the world you felt happiest and accomplished? At home of course and also in London!

How is your travelling kit composed by?
My camera to take photos, my sneakers and my backpack to feel comfy

Did you read a book during your last trip? No, I don't like to read books when I travel. I prefer to concentrate myself on sightseeing

Name a place that most lived up to the hype? The sea, especially when I find undiscovered wonderful spots

And a location that didn't? Any overly crowded place! I hate when I have to shout to talk to people

If you have one, which is your guilty pleasure when travelling? Shopping like crazy!

What do you like to wear when you have to travel? I like to wear as comfortable as possible but also trendy. I give a twist choosing the right accessories.

Thank you Fabrizia, We are just looking forward to come to Palazzo Siena again!!!

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