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Ambassador Amy Lynne Hayes is an artist, designer and writer with a constant case of wanderlust! Her blog, Créatrice Mondial, follows her adventures, introducing readers to the places she has been and the people she has met along the way! Discover more...

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You never know what sort of beautiful adventures you're passing up by allowing yourself to feel stuck in routine.

Amy Lynne Hayes

Hello Amy! You founded your travel blog Créatrice Mondial in 2013 after twenty years of travel around the world. What prompted you to make this online adventure?

I had arrived back in Florida after spending a year living and working in Melbourne, Australia, and I was looking for work. At that time I was pursuing a career in interior design, and so wanted to create an online portfolio to help me with the job hunt back in the States. Through attempting to blog about design, I realized that my thoughts and interests kept gravitating towards travel, which was probably no surprise to anyone else! I turned Créatrice Mondial, which is French for "global creator," into a travel blog, and used it as a platform on which to share my travel stories and connect with others who share my passion. The blog has continued to evolve as I have further developed my interests, as has the concept of global creator.

Have you ever found it difficult to match your creative career as a freelancer with your 'nomad' nature?

It's definitely a different way of life! The thing about a freelance career is that you don't actually have as much free time as people often assume. You're hustling for longer hours than most 9-5 jobs, constantly pitching for new work, trying to find new opportunities and building relationships. I recently traded in the freelance life for a traditional full-time position as the creative director of Overseas Leisure Group and so once again am changing the career outlook. I do travel with this job, and I work with travel, and am in the process of launching my retail shop, so I still feel very connected to the travel industry even if I'm not out on the road as often as before.

How did your passion for travel enriched your personal creative baggage?

My passion for travel has basically defined my person creative baggage! The two are very intertwined. My position as a creative director is within the luxury travel industry, my shop and blog revolves around travel and design, so the two are really inseparable for me.

Do you think is your blog is more followed by women or men?

I would have to say women, though I do have quite a few men who follow along with my adventures, especially on Instagram.

What are the destinations that left the deepest impressions in your life?

Oh so many... London, because it was the first international destination I ever visited, and the first place I lived when I moved overseas. Paris, because I lived there for three years studying design. The Greek islands, Australia, Bangkok, Marrakech. Most of my childhood travel memories are to Alabama and Wyoming for family reunions. We used to go to a ranch just outside Buffalo, Wyoming each summer, and spend a week riding horses through the mountains and pretending to be cowboys. I learned at around age 8 that "post-holiday blues" are a real thing.

What do you think of Pinktrotters, a global lifestyle network of women on-the-move?

I love the Pinktrotters mission and how it's really designed to build connections that aren't hindered by geography. For me, and for many people who are often on the go, it's a struggle to maintain relationships across distance and time differences. The rise of social media, and networks like Pinktrotters, really help us feel connected to a community of like-minded people.

Do you prefer to travel alone or with others?

I am often traveling alone, though I prefer to at least have a group of people I'm meeting somewhere. If I fly by myself, for example, I'm usually meeting a group of friends at the final destination. Travel is so much more fun for me when I have other people around to share the experience with.

Do you have a motto that guides you in the everyday life?

My motto has always been to ask why not, instead of why, and to say yes more than no. You never know what sort of beautiful adventures you're passing up by allowing yourself to feel stuck in routine.

Thank you!

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