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Leaf Espadrilles are hand made produced espadrilles from Argentina. Their quality & bright colours are unique, discover how they were born:

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What is the philosophy behind the brand "Leafs, where you stand"?

Our philosophy is to inspire woman to be comfortable and confident.

A popular saying is: "dress how you want to be addressed" and we don´t completely agree with that statement. We believe that if you feel good and comfortable in your clothes, you are happier and that makes you shine in a special way that translates into a positive attitude which others can admire and respect.

Knowing "where you stand" implies a confident woman who knows who she is, what she wants and how to get it. A woman who chooses her own paths and routes in life. A woman who knows her way and goes for it. We want to join our customers on their way towards happiness.

How and where are Leafs shoes produced?

Our products are made in Argentina, honouring the Argentine roots. We want to help countries like Argentina and other Latin American countries in creating jobs and helping the economy. The decision to keep production in small manufacturing companies is hard, but we want each LEAF to be unique, made with love, carefully assembled - paying attention to every detail in order to offer our customers the perfect pair. It also has a great advantage, because we can quickly improve our products demonstrating we care about customer feedback - something that wouldn't be possible if we just massively order great amounts of pairs in some large factory.

Our mission is to create products we are proud of. We are passionate about bringing the best products and prices to our customers.

Talk about your team and company culture

We are a international team of experienced founders and leaders that unite style, business, and tech expertise. Over the years we build a multilingual and intercultural crew. We come from different countries, different backgrounds and we are eager to learn from each other. Each of us have great ideas so we encourage each other to share thoughts in order to improve ourselves, the company and our products each and every day. We look for people with passion who believe in our philosophy and share our values. We want to inspire and work in a high-paced and fun environment. We love what we do every single day. Our goal is to shape a unique team and, of course, aspire to be the best.

What makes your espadrilles different from all the other brands?

The particularity of our products is based on the integration of two concepts: the urban casual of an espadrille, merging with the quality and design of a fashionable shoe. We care about quality and good fresh designs. Other brands focus on low costs while we dare to go one step further in order to offer our clients something that isn´t just comfortable but also elegant, trendy and fashionable.

While our competitors choose to work with dyed canvas, we look for high fashion fabric such as guipure lace or peccary leather. We sprinkle our espadrilles with sparkly dots or sequins in order to make them even more unique and glamorous. We are always looking for ways to be innovative and look for the best fabrics all over the world, curated by our product stylists.

Another main difference is, that we improved the technology of the sole making it thicker, more comfortable, spongy and anti slippery. We also care about health and that's one of the reasons why we decided to increase the height of the sole, in order to avoid the back problems all other hard soled flats induce.

Almost every shoe hurts our feet, but we always excuse ourselves because "fashion is painful". It shouldn't be like that. Our shoes are truly made for walking and standing out of the average espadrilles. Before a new collection is launched, each and every team member get´s a pair to walk in, try out and give their feedback in order to improve our product and make the perfect espadrille.

What are the bestseller shoes in your collection?

Our main collection are the Feel Free: that´s our first and most featured product. Within our Feel Free collection we have three different models: Fruit, Classic and Summer. Our bestseller are the Feel Free Fruit because of their vivid colors that catch other peoples attention and admiration.

Our customers favorites are the Feel Free Fruit Cherry and the Feel Free Fruit Blueberry.

Our Feel Free Summer are the new collection we will launch for this Spring/Summer season in South America and we expect them to turn into our bestsellers.

Where can we shop for your collections?

You can find our products on our online store.

Our customers worry about the shoe size, but they have a measurement chart available and if the shoe still doesn't fit, we will send them the right size free of charge.

We also often participate in fairs or showrooms placing a stand for our customers to get to know us and test our products. In order to know when and where this events are happening, just follow us via Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter.

Describe your ideal customer

We genuinely care about our customers and that´s why we know them so well.

Our ideal customer is the one that comes back: not only because they like the brand and they want to acquire more products, but because they gives us feedback: either it is positive and a compliment or it is something that helps us improve the quality of our product. We really care and listen to their comments, because we aim to be the worlds best espadrilles!

Many customers send us their pictures with their LEAF on their way to work, in the office, during their vacation, etc. We like and encourage their openness and awesome habit of sharing. We love to inspire them and we feel proud when we receive love from each customer.

Would you define yourself as a socially committed company?

Aligned with the global trend, we add the double social awareness: on one hand the product is manufactured in third world countries (today in Argentina) with fair conditions to all those involved in the production chain. On the other hand, for every pair sold, consumers are not only helping everyone in the production process but also donating the mark –up at EXW, to NGOs for specific activities.

Through the LEAF initiative "where you stand", the consumer will buy shoes and simultaneously join in a noble cause becoming real benefactors, which will allow our company to become "a truly sustainable business, rather than [a charity] dependent on fundraising for support".

Over the time, as we grow as a company, more factories will be created in other developing nations. Our company would be creating additional employment and long-term relationships through foreign direct investment. LEAF® is raising awareness about poverty within these nations as well as helping these people become economically independent in the long-term.

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