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During Piazza Di Siena 2015 horse riding event in collaboration with Longines, the Pinktrotters met Patrizia Fabri, a true artist, who produces hand-made hats of incredible shapes!

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It was late May 2015, during Piazza Di Siena, when a group of 10 Pinktrotters got together in Rome capital to experience exciting sport chic event in collaboration with Longines.

It was the perfect occasion to wear something special for the event and we got the chance to meet the artist Patrizia Fabri, the creator and mother of Antica Manifattura Cappelli (translated: "Ancient Hat Manufacturing House").

Patrizia showed us her showroom, place where she also produces her hats from scratch and curates the whole production process. She explained how she started, really from nothing and from her pure passion.

I was really inspired to hear her story and learn that the showroom was previously owned by a rich family originally from Tuscany who was producing hats for many years.
She just saw the light when the place was put on sale and bought it herself, with sacrifices, because she wanted to continue the tradition and history of the location and continue doing art, her job.

In the studio, there are two fundamental factors: the tradition is well represented by a complex based on the original forms of wood, followed by ironing manual and innovation, essential to update and make a hat an modern accessory and in line with fashion trends.

The "unique pieces" and the strength of the studio becomes hallmark for those who want a hat as classy and timeless as the cylinder and panama, a piece nobody else can wear. This is a perfect way to be the creator of impeccable and able to enhance a face, a feature, a personality.

You can admire the hats we chose for our event and can find your own one in Rome, Via Degli Scipioni 46 whenever you are in town.

Grazie Patrizia!

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