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This Pinktrotter was previously an Account Executive for a large Australian company who says travel has made her realise where her true passion lays.

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Lisa Vuong is an Australian born traveller of Vietnamese heritage. This Pinktrotter was previously an Account Executive for (Australia's largest online automotive publisher). Although she recently decided to leave the corporate world and further her studies to become a Child Psychologist, she says travel has made her realise where her true passion lays.

"I measure everything in plane tickets. It's the currency I live by. As a child I dreamed of traveling the world, meeting new faces, and living abroad. Today, I'm lucky enough to say 'I am living out my dreams' — 5 continents, 29 countries, over 80 cities… and counting! At 21, I made my first solo trip to North America and I haven't looked back since. My father had a passion for photography, documenting every moment of my life since I was young. This inspired me to do the same, documenting every moment while I globe trot. Capturing the essence of every city and sharing it with the world."

As of this interview, you're currently in Germany and we notice you've travelled to over 8 places this year! Which of these countries were your favorite?
Amsterdam is by far my favourite destination this year. Famously labelled by most foreigners (myself included) as the city that takes "happy hour" 1 step further than the rest of the world. However the recent visit showed me she is much more than just red light windows and postcard canals! I was pleasantly surprised by the rich art culture (street & modern art) and the way Dutch history still lives on in this charming city's cobble streets.

During your travels, we can only imagine you've tasted a wide variety of meals. Give us your best single dish of food you can remember.
Oh this is a tough one! This wouldn't be classified as a "dish", per se, but it is the single food I cannot forget and still crave on occasions. Gelato in Italy. Stickhouse in Florence to be exact. They make gelato on a popsicle stick with over 20 flavours and it's all natural! I remembering eating 8 popsicles in a span of 2 hours one day. Yes, it's that good!

If you could be transported to one day or place in time, where would it be? And why?
I'd ask to be whisked back to Havodigala Island, The Maldives. I, along with 16 other strangers from around Australia signed up to do volunteer teaching on a remote island in The Maldives - teaching English and swim to primary school students. We were granted access to an uninhabited island for an overnight trip which looked like the set of an episode of Survivor. There was no internet, no alcohol, no technology, just human interaction at its purist form. It was there that I met my now 2 best friends. We've been inseparable since.

What do you think about the Pinktrotters concept of travelling with other women?
One word, brilliant. The days of when the word "traveler" was strictly saved for a nomad living out a large backpack and eating nothing but baked beans from a can, no longer exists. Pinktrotters are modern women with poise, depth, ambition, and in search of adventure. Sometimes we can't wait for our friends to be ready to travel, so why not travel with women who are like minded from across the globe? Call it Borderless Friendship if you will.

Since leaving the corporate world and pursuing travel bliss, do you have advice to share with other ladies who wish to do the same?
I once read a quote by Gordon Livingstone, "if the map doesn't agree with the ground, the map is wrong". I resigned from my job (and my career in Digital Media) 5 months ago and now I'm traveling the world. Learn & understand what makes you happy, not what makes economic sense. If on the first go you don't find happiness, stop, and look again.


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