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"Plumes is an atelier where you can breathe a refined and relaxed atmosphere, where you feel at home, where you taste beauty"

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"Plumes is an atelier where you can breathe a refined and relaxed atmosphere, where you feel at home, where you taste beauty. Here you can find vintage mirrors and an old wooden cabinet that hosts convivial talks, stories, news, products". Today the guest of honor is Claudia Milia, an amazing and wonderful woman who formerly was a project manager in a multinational tech corporation. Eventually she decided to shift, that's why Plumes now exists. So, let's talk about it and discover this cozy, chic and lovely place in Milan!

Name: Claudia Milia

Nationality: Italian

Living in: Milan

Brief bio: Please check my Linkedin profile

Job/Website: Plumes Ceo & Founder /

Can you explain what Plumes is exactly?
Plumes is a Beauty Atelier where eyelash and eyebrow beauty services are offered and tailored to each client. Plumes is much more than a classic beauty salon. Our technicians are professional experts trained and specialized in specific beauty treatments for the eyes/look/gaze of both female and male clientele. Moreover Plumes offers highly customized treatments applying innovative and totally newborn techniques. Plumes is a totally new concept in the Italian beauty industry. Plumes represents professionalism, expertise, quality, innovation and art; and strongly believes that taking care of each personal beauty is an expression of one's character and personality. By the next future Plumes would like to host in its space some unique and young craftsmen, designers and artists.


What drove you to being so inspired and to have your own Plumes lash & brow boutique?
I have always been attracted by people who were brave enough to run their own business. When I first entered my first Lash & Brow Salon in Asia, I immediately understood the potential behind that activity. So I decided to study and dig into the Italian beauty industry, and I realized there was a big gap that I could try to fill in. It was a big chance I didn't want to miss. So here I am.

What are the locations that inspired you the most for your concept store so far?
Asia, Russia and the USA. Also some EU countries, like UK and France have some good examples.

What do you think about women travelling together and the PinkTrotters concept?
I simply love it! When I first met Eliana, in Argentina, during our university exchange semester abroad, we were both going through one of the most important experiences a young person can live in his/her life. Since I was a child I love travelling. I think it is one of those things in life one should never ever miss the opportunity to experience. No regrets. It is something you have to do when you have the chance, never say “I will do it another time". It won't happen again, at least not under the same circumstances. PT unifies my passion for travelling, fashion, and networking. It is a brilliant idea.

Why should a Pinktrotter go to Plumes boutique when in Milan? Pinktrotters is a universe of sophisticated women who meet & share exclusive experiences." This is what PT is, correct? Well, Plumes shares exactly the same values. Plumes is an exclusive place where simple but sophisticated women go to enjoy themselves, rediscover their unique beauty, while feeling at home.

Where in the world you felt happiest?
Hometown. A small island in Sardinia, my favorite landscapes and beaches are there. I feel at peace facing the sea.

How is your travelling standard kit composed by?
It depends on the duration. Usually I travel “light": some basic indispensable beauty products, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, a sweater, rain jacket and the most comfortable sneakers I have. Well.. I forgot to add.. the best heels I have in my closet!


Which book have you read during your last trip?
“Do cool sh*t" by Miki Agrawl


Name a place that most lived up to the hype?
Ibiza, LA and Africa…. I know.. so different destinations..

Add a place that didn´t? Somehow Miami

Do you have a guilty pleasure when travelling? I never felt guilty when travelling. I just felt so tremendously lucky for having such a great and unique opportunity to meet diversity, open up my mind and improve my entire life.

What do you like to wear when you travel? Comfortable pants and sneakers, a backpack and sunglasses ;)

When in Milan don't forget to pass by and say hello to Claudia, she will be more than happy to welcome you in her stylish world! Here you can find all the treatments available, if you become a Pinktrotter you could have a special treatment!

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