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Pinktrotters' Inspirational woman is Vanessa Crocini! Read more on her life as a filmmaker in Los Angeles and her work around the world!

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We got to chat with this inspirational woman hailing from Italy and of Hungarian-Romanian descent. This Los Angeles gal is a documentary filmmaker living her dream in California while travelling around the world for business and pleasure!

Twitter & Instagram: Vanecool

In a few sentences, tell us about yourself:

I'm a documentary filmmaker and a journalist. I focus my work on social impact and I am interested in bringing attention to many aspects and topics about human rights, education, empowerment and non profit work in underdeveloped countries to give a chance to audience to be more not only more aware about what's going in other countries of the world but also more compassionate to take action to possibly make this world a better place. What's a better way to do that if not through moving images and writing? I love my job. It's not easy, it's full of ups and downs, but it's part of the journey and in life it's always about journey and less about the destination. I enjoy what I do and I am satisfied of what I am doing.
What inspired you to begin film-making? What sparked your love for documentaries?:
I actually started when I was 8, acting in commercials and modeling. I loved being on set and observing the director. So that's when I said "I want to be a director." I also started editing using 2 VHS recorders and filming weddings. I went to University in Bologna to study Film and at my last year I won a scholarship as an exchangestudent at the University of California in Santa Barbara. That was the experience that changed my life. A lot of interesting classes in directing and editing and several experiences with internships at FOX Studios and other independent production companies. I went back to LA and started an graduate program at UCLA Extension and it was there than I developed my love and interest for documentaries. I shot and edited my first short documentary and the following year I was assistant director to my mentor, the Italian documentary filmmaker, Alessandro Rocca for his documentary The Consul's List. We were in Rwanda for several weeks and we got to interview genocide survivors and visit many memorials.

Tell us about "Get Together Girl"! What's this documentary about and how has it shaped your perception of societal problems?
The Get Together Girls project focuses on helping and making self reliant former street girls that have been rehabilitated and reintegrated in the society....
Get Together Girls is only one of the many other possibilities for young women to be empowered, making them the fundamental part of projects that focus on their professional and creative capabilities.....
With this documentary, Iʼm also hoping to influence even the young generations all around the world in the more civilized ad economically developed countries to show them that there are ways they can improve the lives of some of their peers and that they have a responsibility to make it happen... I think it is important to bring awareness of characters, stories and places around the world that many people would not know otherwise. Share stories and influence the way of thinking and taking actions is my goal..... The trailer and clips have been seen in over 116 countries around the world and who knows how many people have been influenced and have started maybe a similar project somewhere else. The film has been has screened in 16 festivals all over the world and won 6 awards. It is a first example of what I want my career to to be focused on.

Get Together Girls Trailer
For more on "Get Together Girl" visit the link here.

Were there any specific locations (i.e. countries) that inspire you:
The African continent inspires me. I think in another life I was African. I would loveto eventually spend a couple of months every year visiting a different country. As of cities, Istanbul is on my bucket list.
What do you think about women travelling together and the PinkTrotters concept?:
I think it enhances the concept of women being independent, being a part of a community, being empowered and being open minded. I think we need more of that because women need to understand cooperate and help each other. It seems easy but trust me in some environment it is is not. There is a lot of competition and a lack of cooperation. Sometimes working with women is not easy and it shouldn't be this way.

Do you have a guilty pleasure when travelling?
Yes, I eat and I don't care about any food restriction when I travel. I want to feel free to try anything I want and like. I am a curious foodie.
Name 3 outfits your absolutely have to travel with:
I love traveling with a couple of pair of jeans, T-Shirts and tops, and I am kind of obsessed with scarfs and sandals.

Any advice or words of wisdom for other Pinktrotters in pursuit of their dreams or travel bliss?:
Yes, always follow your bliss. If you want to do something or go somewhere you have always dreamed to see, don't be scared of going for it, because nobody is going to go for it if not yourself. Listen to what everyone has to say, most of them is going to try to stop you from pursuing your dreams. The truth is if you hear a little voice in your head that keeps telling you to go for it, you have to follow your gut. You will never regret it! We have a limited time on this earth, you might as well make it extra special.

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