ABOUT USWe are a team of bright, passionate and curious people.Our mission is to bring cosmopolitan women together for online & offlineexperiences they will never forget and to keep our network going long after themoments enjoyed have ended.

The Team

ELISABETTAHead of Events & Operations
MARTINABusiness Developement Manager
GLENDAContent & Community Manager
TOMMASOSenior Web/App Developer
CHIARAJunior Assistant Box & Graphics
VALERIA C.Social Media Intern
VALERIA M.Business Development Intern
What is Pinktrotters? Why does it exist?The word says it. PINK = Women & GLOBETROTTERS = Travel.Eliana, our Pinktrotters Founder, has worked abroad for some years across Europe. Every few months she had to move from one country to another because of her job. She experienced how difficult can be to build real long-lasting relationships with people and in particular with other like-minded women. There are many dating apps on the market, but no one allows you to just find a pal to enjoy an easy night out – as friends.This is the reason why she’s been working hard with her Team to bring to life a new way of connecting women on the move, everywhere around the world!Our Pinktrotters Team is made of passionate globetrotters, who love to see the world, meet new people and – why not – escape from their ordinary lives!Every single Team member was born with a heart full of curiosity about exploring mother Earth, we all speak at least two different languages and we have spread our wings in the past, living in foreign countries.Between us, we have visited more than 60 countries. Not bad, right?We care about our Pinktrotters, that’s why we wish you to live like a local and build amazing friendships with like-minded women, who share your same passions. Our vision is to help modern women always on the move like us, to bulid meaningful experiences all around the globe and to see the planet through local lenses.Since 2013, our network has grown a lot and on the web platform & mobile app you can find other travellers women, events, trips, privileges and also physical products like the Pinktrotters Box!So, here we are! Spread your wings and explore, leave your boys+ home and take some time for yourself - we’ll be at your side everywhere you’ll go! WELCOME!