Our Ethos

The Pintrotters motto is “Glam Trips and Fun“, and we want to make every trip as memorable for the friends you’ll make as the destination itself. Every Pinktrotter is part of the experience, so we’ve put together a little ditty to make sure we’re all on the same page before travelling together!


  • We love new cultures and are always tolerant of different beliefs
  • We love trying new things .
  • We love to take pictures & shoot videos during the trips, and want everyone to take part in remembering the experience
  • We have lots of great things to cram in have you alarms set so no one is kept waiting
  • Travelling solo is fun, but Pinktrotters is all about the company , so make the most of it!
  • We welcome like minded travelers who appreciate the finer things in life and tare happy to treat themselves to the odd indulgence to enjoy the things they appreciate.
  • To make things fair, we operate a first come first book service , so reserve your place early to avoid disappointment. We offer a wide variety of payment methods for wherever you are in the world, and once the admin is out of the way, we can start planning and enjoying the adventure, hassle free.
  • Quality is important to us, and all accommodation as well as restaurants and activities are carefully selected to give you a unique experience. Whilst cost will reflect the premium nature of the escape, it will be agreed upfront so that you are able to budget accordingly.
  • Remember that the connections you will make on this trip are invaluable , these opportunities are factored into the cost of the experience and continue to deliver value as part of the Pinktrotters community long after the trip itself has ended.

Travel trips and glam for sure,
Pinktrotters take the world by storm
With open minds and passports ready,
Join us for New York or Delhi!
We love new food, new sights and cultures.
Pretty pictures, funny sculptures
Always so much fun to cram, so, une photo merci, Madame
We don’t forget our Instagram!
Tired heads and aching feet
Big smiles as we go to sleep
Remember there is time to keep!
We set alarms for the next day
To pack our bags and end our stay
Number swaps and Facebook adds,
Stories of the times we’ve had
We wave goodbye, we say adieu
We plan a meetup in Bordeaux
And so that’s it we’re out of time!

(We hope that you’ve enjoyed this rhyme!)

Thanks to the creativity of our copywriter Siena Dexter for helping us putting in words our beliefs.